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Yoobs da king

Pay to fix avernic + infernal?

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Straight up dumbest fucking suggestion on rpkz.. 

Nigga I need 10k+ more deaths to pass Killbob and I aint got no fucking 400k pkt to blow on repairing my avernic every 2 fricken months boi change this dog shit..

Not all of us lick clan leader taint for hooks maybe niggas like tom  riddle, shittyboy and the other fucking hoodlums who shall not be named can afford that but na bruh, not all of us..



If it doesnt get changed i'll just protest this shit update by mass suiciding to every player on roatpkz handing out free 5+ hour pkcooldowns then you or that useless skid named jblind/smackd are gana have to get off ur asses to remove mass pkcooldowns i'll make you fucking work boi

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