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New Daily Tasks - 150 Unique Tasks - Double XP/Drop Scrolls - $1K in rewards!


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This is Such a fire update @Gretar, it shines light on the server where we lack and brings everyone together, yes  it is a private server and a pk server, but we have so much great content that i read up on since starting prior to covid, we have skilling, pets , events and a lot of other things to do other then pking, and thats what keeps the long term commited players into the server after everyone goes and gets cleaned hahah, this update really brings that all together with mixed tasks, pvp and pvm! witch is awesome, maybe just add a few skilling tasks in there to really make it a challenge to keep them big streaks going! love the server and the time u and all of the mods put into this game to make it a safe and fun place for us all. u rock gretar happy new years and happy holidays brother

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