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Slayer Shop

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Ok its been like 2-3years since it was released and no updates regarding slayer shop. Might reconsider current items or add new ones ? Also we're not available for safe bossing in task mode. So Maybe put Corp near chaos dwarfs and other bosses in wildy multi zones with increased drop chance, also available as slayer task too and maybe with a 1/100000 chance to get divine (only for wildy corp ).

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The Slayer Shop is decent already.

There could be a few changes to slayer and the shop.
The divine spirit shield got removed for a reason and its not coming back. The divine isnt in the real game, and shouldnt be on Roat due to it being way to overpowered for a shield - the elysian spirit shield is good.

And for the matter of suggestion to Corp, could be an instance area for a CC - no need to include the hardest boss on roat to wilderness and especially in multi, unless it was made to an event such as Jad and Skotizo, which most likely wont happen.

A good suggestion could be:

  • Add new monters to the wilderness
  • Bring current monters to more places
    • Make the whole wilderness more active and not just specific locations.
    • Gives the player a choice to decide where they wanna do their task.
  • Add new items to the shop 
    • Add Key for chance of receiving a special Slayer Pet
      • Add dust to metamorphis into different slayer pets/colors
    • Add the new kits to change the look of Scythe of Vitur, Gharzi Rapier and Sanguesti Staff
  • Rework the Slayer Key
    • Larran's Chest to the Pirate Ship west of Pirate Hideout (Level 55 Wilderness)
      • This chest would only work for Slayer Keys
      • Remove Junk items from the droptable from Slayer Keys
  • Add Eternal Gem to the shop
    • Extra teleports to the Slayer Task
    • Maybe give extra Exp while on task (Have to be worn)
      • Would be lost on death

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Yes to:

  • A little twist to the slayer shop (don't forget vote store btw)
  • More bosses/monsters in the wilderness that are actually worth doing


No to:

  • Divine spirit shield

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