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So I've joined Roatz for about almost 2 weeks, Joined F O A M CC,

D34THW1SH pms and asks if he could borrow my ags so he can get 15 BH kills for 4 ags reward me thinking he's a team mate all good so i give him my ags a day later hes pking and ignoring my pms and keeps teleporting away, Not a report just a WARNING to everyone, Don't trust anyone even your CC members.

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Hey man,

I'll start by saying that from what you posted, implying that everyone is honest, you were done dirty.

I hope you are aware/understanding of the fact that you are just as responsible, regardless of if the baseline expectation is trust and honesty.

Kids are shit, sorry you got jbaited, there are good ppl on this server so don't lose hope yet

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