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Gambling Addiction


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I know this post may attract a lot of hate, but it’s a real problem of mine. - Gambling

i would only like for people to leave feedback who don’t gamble as I would take it into the most consideration. 
for you guys who don’t gamble, what do you tell yourself? I mean.. there’s no way u Don’t WANT to gamble, right? Idk if it’s just me but I always tell myself I won’t gamble and I always end up .. gambling, of course.

this would be therapy for me to listen to you’re guys opinion and what u guys do everyday to avoid duel arena since there is no real way of banning yourself from duel arena/FP permanently for X amount of time.

I’ve always looked up to the guys who I see everywhere else besides ::FP

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Last week I ended a streak of months without gambling and I enjoyed the game more than ever before. I do things like daily tasks, achievements, actively participate in activities like server events, hosted LMS etc. It's really not that hard to build a good bank without gambling. It will take longer, however it will give you way more fulfilment.


I've been gambling quite a bit past 2 weeks in the hope that I would gain quicker pk points to fund my giveaways (😂) however I must say that I can control myself pretty well after not gambling for a while.


Best thing that works for me is that you work with milestones for yourself that you slowely build up to. Buy certain items that you're never going to sell or chuck. For example when you've reached 100k you buy an arcane spirit shield that will always stay in your bank and only used for pking/pvm. You're back at 20k pkp stack so now it's time to build up to a new trophy. A vesta's set maybe? Or perhaps an ancestral set. This way you can fill your bank with 'trophies' that you won't sell (unless theres a really good offer ofcourse but try to buy it back asap) or gamble.


Here's what my bank looks like after a few months (I play very different in terms of hours spent per week regarding my schedule)



Next goal is torva set. :)

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Thanks for taking your time to reply to this post. Every little bit of feedback from others help, a lot. I love playing the game like you’ve said above, Server events, pking, bossing, raids, skilling.. but I always find myself at Fp right before I go to bed.. it’s a thing.. I won’t gamble all day, but when I’m about to log off I say to myself “lets chuck 1x” or lets Fp my raid set, etc. it never turns out good. Yes , I have made insane bank with very little while gambling, and I do feel like that’s what pushes me back.. knowing I can double my bank in under a minute and within 5 clicks of my mouse.

the urge of me having knowledge of the fact I can double or triple + my bank is what my problem is. I never even gamble to sesh. I gamble to chuck.

if I have 5m bank, I’m not gonna fp 1-2m’s.. I Litteratly CHUCK ALL. It seems like I can’t control it at times because I know what the outcome will be.l, yet.. I do it, every day. Day after day.

I don’t even like gambling, I just think of what I could have and I think of “what if” or “should I” 

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Then you have to try to reverse your "what if" question. What if I win it all and double my bank up to 10m? What would it really matter? And what if I lose? Then I lost all and worked for nothing.


You gamble & you win: very short dopamine rush, stuff will just sit in your bank and after one or two days you won't have the feeling that you really achieved something (you clicked 5 seeds for it).

You gamble & you lose: you have to start over again. You feel bad and think of never ever touching the game again. The day after you log-in and continue your sand casino slave life and start rebuilding.


It's a mind game. Nobody can get rid of your addiction beside yourself. Try to change your mindset.

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Hi, this is George, I have had been gambling since 9+ years and it was ruining a lot of things around me my family, my relation and my finances and above all my health. My stability was never on point. My finances graph was on it's highest and most of the times at it's lowest. So I had to go to counsel when my family forced me to go see them and after sometime took a lot of hard work but I found the stability and sustainability in my life now I am 8 months  gamble-free and it feels good. Now I write for living such as CIPD , dissertation, content and help students not to make mistakes like I did in my past. If you need anything to read or write let me know it most of the time it helps atleast in my case it did. .I have seen a lot and been through a lot but time always passes. So my friend this time shall pass but make sure you leave it before you hit the edge. Learn from your mistakes take some lesson, Look your last 5 years of progress and see where are you now are you better or vice versa? So you got to analyze it to your self so you can see where do you stand now. I wish nothing but the best for you. 

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