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pk skull prevention toggle

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07 has a toggle to prevent you from skulling while barraging/chinning - i just lost 24k at abbys in slayer dungeon bc one of the guys kept relogging and I left auto retaliate on. I realize it's a 'skill issue' and i got 200 iq outplayed but would be a nice update for the skillers after me.

update: i lost a hydra slayer helm which was 46k to replace in tp from the skull trickers but at the end of the day you can only blame yourself - i hate to thwart pkers from having a good time when in reality skilling is a means to a end similar to pking being less about the pkp and more about the passion to do it - this update would be a double edged sword bc while pvmers save pennies pkers would lose out on the desire to do what they do - sometimes pvmers must sacrifice to derive what they gain vs the pkers that are incentivized to justify the dangerous element to everything so i have an appreciation for this samsara wheel that keeps us playing this game and gretar or coders if ure reading this me and everyone who plays this server appreciate you so i think in hindsight this was a emotion thralled moment i experienced in hopes of saving pennies in front a freight train that i think is justified bc pkers deserve the element of reward to risk pvmers take on to get massive xp gains

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I don't support Pk Skull Prevention being added to RoatPkz. I do think it's beyond past time Npc 'Attack' options gets added though. Chins are also bugged and automatically skull you even if you don't attack the player.  Pk Skull Prevention was a failure by the OSRS team but Npc Attack options will not hinder pvp


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