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"Just Blaze" a PvM/PKing/Skilling/Events and more CC!

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                                                                      Welcome To Video Games City GIF by RuneScape"Just Blaze"



Just Blaze clan thrives to be a top clan of choice in RoatPkz. There are just not enough options for a chill/trustworthy cc in Roat and today I believe that clan is born. Everyone that plays has the right to enjoy the server and any content put out without having to deal with rats/constant ragging. I am launching this CC in hopes to provide a fun experience for all new and old members of the server. We as a TEAM will be doing plenty of in-game events as well as PKing. If you are a member of the discord that will launch soon, you can enter for giveaways or other events that will soon come. Any and all players are welcome. Does this CC sound like something you're interested in? Well then, Apply!


                                                                                                                              What We Offer

1. A welcoming experience for all members.

2. Help/backup in wild if needed, just ask in CC.

3. Opportunities to earn PKP through events/giveaways.

4. A place to talk or just chill without getting harassed or kicked.

5. A discord that will soon be launched if this thread gets enough positive feed-back. Members will be able to group in a private discord server for faster help/responses.



                                                          To apply to Just Blaze, simply fill out the following information and submit it to this thread.

1. Your In Game Name

2. Do you have a Mic? (not required to)

3. Past clan history? (type N/A if this is your first cc)

4. Why are you choosing Just Blaze?




                                                                                                             Fun Entertainment GIF


1. No BS-ing clan members

2. Help your team when they ask, not required to every single time obviously. But if a member asks for help and you can provide it, please do.

3. HAVE FUN. Nobody likes toxicity, especially in roat pks where it's so prevalent. Help Be The Change We Need.




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