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Roat Pkz Combat Accuracy - New Formula Introduced!


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Roat Pkz Combat Accuracy Formula

Hi everyone, today is a big day for Roat Pkz. For many years people have argued over which server has the better or worse combat system. We have taken this as a challenge and have crafted a combat accuracy formula which comes as close to OSRS  today we put any speculation to rest and will show everyone the combat accuracy formula we have been crafting for the past few weeks. This new combat formula is now live in-game.


Watch this video to see in detail the changes and accuracy verification!



PvP Tracker Improvements
We have greatly improved the PvP tracker in the RuneLite plugin. The RuneLite PvP Performance tracker works by grabbing everything available to the client to "guess" how much damage you should hit and shouldn't. A lot of this guesswork is needed because the game client does not tell you which prayers your opponent is using (unless it's overhead), what his current levels are (can only grab from hiscore, but your client won't know if he's potted or not). And it will never know which ring your opponent is wearing. This makes the PvP trackers estimates "good enough" for OSRS, but we've taken it one step higher.

Starting today, if the RuneLite PvP Performance Tracker is enabled on your client, the game server will send your opponents levels, combat prayers & bonuses realtime so the tracker can get a near-perfect idea of your damage accuracy & hit accuracy. (applies to client version >= 305 - aka latest client)


Thank you for reading, and best of luck in combat. 

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