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Guide for new players!

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This Guide will tell you how to get rich and how to start off as a new player to roat pkz!

  1. First off when you join you want to get a feel for the server and how to pk well on it so I suggest you pick a kit you like and go pking on a main or pure.
  2. After that whichever you prefer you want to pk at (TBH i prefer pure pk because its quicker kills)
  3. I suggest you get around 500 pkps and buy partyhats and santas for cheap and then sell them to people for more (Phats are going for 200 atm and santas 100)
  4. After that you can get around a few thousand pkps and your set to pk and buy whatever you want, but if you want to actually make bank your going to have to risk fight or stake.
  5. Generally its better to risk fight statius and pkp items because you can just sell them back to the shop for pkps and it makes it a whole lot easier.
  6. So just have a donator yell for you that your risk fighting and go ahead and risk fight!
  7. If you want to stake I suggest you start off with 1k pkp and do 100s and everytime you lose double up and everytime you win do half of what you did.
  8. When you stake make sure you use stab for the dds and when you whip use lash and switch it up every so often to get more hits.
  9. This is a guide to becoming rich just follow these steps to become as rich as you want, there is always a risk though, so if you get cleaned a couple times try it again and try to get lucky and once your satisfied stop!
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