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Commands Guide

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http://roatpkz.wikia.com/wiki/Commands For a better one!


-end teleports

general commands

::poke username
::getid item-name
::yell message (donator only) 
::bank (super donators only)

Item spawn commands
::item (id) (amount)

-En item spawn commands

Clan Commands

-end Clan Commands


Website commands :

::topic-(id here)

-end  Website Commands

Server Support Commands

-end Server Support Commands

Moderator Commands
-end Moderator Commands

Administrator Commands
Some more idk about

There are some more i'll be adding and making a wiki template for it.

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12 minutes ago, Same Sea said:

add clan commands perhaps if you are trying to put all available commands in this thread

You can do ::cc to see the clan commands :) 

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For completeness sake, here are some more that you've omitted:


teleports - ::duel, ::varrock, ::easts, ::wests, ::party

item spawn - ::food, ::tb, ::bind, ::dh (::dharoks doesn't work), ::pickup (same as ::item)

cc - ::cc-takemod-(username), ::cc-lock, ::cc-unlock, ::cc-listmods, ::cc-listbans

website - ::rules, ::appeal, ::report, ::donate, ::vote

pking  - ::skull, ::kdr, ::levels, ::resetdef, ::mystats, ::maxhit, ::haxon665 :kappa:

general commands - ::commands, ::players, ::afk, ::claim, ::reward, ::poke username, ::stoppoke, ::empty, ::getid item-name, ::test, ::yell message (donator only), ::bank (super donators only), ::cash (it works lol!)

::muteyell, ::unmuteyell, ::xpbaron, ::xpbaroff, ::roatbarrage, ::osrsbarrage


Also I'm pretty sure SS has another command where they can request you to go to them, which would be *something* like ::teletome (username)

and we can do ::accept in response to this (if you do ::accept any other time it says you have no tele requests)

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