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In-Game color codes

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How to use?

@[email protected] Your text HERE
xxx = color code

Color codes below
Stripe - @[email protected]   iYUVs6Z.png 
Red - @[email protected]   lI5Lb3K.png
Dark Red - @[email protected]   kPpdPlb.png
Light Red - @[email protected]   8yYizqe.png
Light Orange - @[email protected]   vhGatQS.png
Dark Orange - @[email protected] lCqFDIq.png
Red-Orange - @[email protected]   pN4DEvo.png
Yellow - @[email protected]   9vsTybI.png
Yellow-Green - @[email protected] Is4cWqQ.png
Green - @[email protected]  1OqXpwz.png
Light Green - @[email protected] aR3zuny.png
Lime Green - @[email protected]  RuHGgcJ.png

Dark green - @[email protected]9d21df8df0c04c1881635f38460bf84e.png
Blue    - @[email protected]   YWWW6bq.png
Cyan - @[email protected]   cWytBUb.png
Magenta - @[email protected]   m9ev1hz.png
Black     - @[email protected]   IZLOpfb.png
White - @[email protected]  uqyIzrY.png
Gray - @[email protected]  RKYFTts.png
Moonstone Blue (DOESN'T WORK ANYMORE) - @[email protected]   DHCUjY8.png
I Dont Know !!! - @[email protected]WbwcOmz.png

Dark Blue - @[email protected] d5783708dc3d4e69ba513dd8862b2030.png

Gold - @[email protected]  3db774eb07814bf9850bcc6c1904336b.png

Pink - @[email protected] image.png.34b65a00e89a9919611928e09ee462cd.png

Purple - @[email protected] image.png.5fba80f74f75f9f449a48e06906cd027.png

These are just the color codes I know there might be more out there O.O!

Updated July 24th 2018!


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Update July 24th 2018
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