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half mile

Castle Clan Wars Tournament Teams and Fixtures

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Castle Wars Tournament Teams and Fixtures

We will start the tournament UTC (GMT/Zulu)-time Sunday 26th June 2016 at 00:00 midnight!




Castle wars Teams and 1st Fixtures




Team Danger manz – @Ahmash , @0wnedbychris @Jon Addict, @nickcallan, @Beez



Team lavish – @hickory do, @Terzey, @Silver Goose, @Rag bot V1, @she rags

team nbk - @aiden,@jj,@panic2hard,@richkash,estimated

Team Full Mile-  @deathlypkz, @ice lenn, @half mile, @chris price

Team name  Easy Money – @Why Gg,  @grimskull1, @Freebies, @lodide, @smokey

Team 8 – Liquidation, @Fancy Boots, @Suor, @jblind, @ubaid. @fantom1045

 Also The team captains are responsible for collecting the 1k of each player and giving the 5k prize to @ban152

The Tournament wont start untill all the prize money has collected.

If there is a draw there will be a rematch straight away

All adjustments to team players should be completed by Friday, I suggest for each team to have atleast 1 spare player incase the player is not online. You cannot change your whole team around. Everyone knows how not to break rules and glitching or cheating will be monitored and you will get your team disqualified and you wont be able to get your PKP back!!

May the best team win Goodluck to everyone, This the 1st round fixtures, 2nd round is just basic semi finals and the two winners will be in the final simple?





Team Danger Manz V Team Liquidation

Team Full Mile V Easy Money


Team  nbk         V Hickory Do


Any questions please ask in game or forum my replies will be as quick as i can!


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lol thers only 5 teams so far

team 1 - Danger manz

team 2 - nbk

team 3 - lavish

team 4 - easy mobey

team 5 - liquidation

team 6, 7 and eco cleaners was a joke

also Gretar is not aloud to take part cos he broked cwars

1 hour ago, Ungrateful said:

lol wat? 

I alrdy said im not gonna participate in the ::cw event (unless wasn't horrible) O . O 

@half mile i told u a week ago to replace ungrateful with 0wnedbychris

sort this mess out b4 me and smackd take over and host tourny

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its best if we hav 2 groups of 3 teams then u get 3 points for win, 2 for draw and 1 for loss

for example

group 1 Dmz, easy money, liquidation

group 2 lavish, nbk, full mile

then top 2 teams from each group qualify for semi final

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