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Guide how to be successful Risk Fighter

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Guide how to be successful Risk Fighter


1. Basics

2. Setups

3. Helpful tricks/tips

4. Tactics


1. Risk fighting basic informaton

What is risk fighting?

Risk fighting is a pking type in which you are risking certain item or items.

Where do risk fighting takes part?

Most of risk fights are happening in ::meth

What effects does ::meth wild has?

It's a zone where you can't use protect item, retribution, redemption, smite prayers.

2. Setups

I personally use a setup which has brews and karambwans. 


*Note: it's useful to have universal teleport

Why do I need brews and karambwans ?

Brews boost your hitpoints by 15 %  karambwans heals 18 hp this kind food Is used to help you to survive in low hp.

Rocktail+Karambwan+Brew = 57 hp eat this may help you to survive even in sticky situations.

Keep in mind after using a brew you will need to drink sanfew serum or super restore+ super combat potion since saradomin brew degrades your combat stats except defence.

3. Helpful tricks/tips

It's really recommended to have super donator because you can recharge your special attack every 2 minutes.

*Note: Don't forget to recharge special attack before every fight.

What is hotkeys?

Hotkeys is a keyboard button with F letter and number with which leads to specific tab.

F1- Inventory

F4- Spellbook

F5- Special attack

F6- Prayer book

I use only 2 tricks which usually helps me to kill someone.

First one is dragonfire shield special attack. Dfs special attack gives u an extra hit from 5 to 20, which recharges in around 2mins ( 30% Special Attack regaining time)

How to use it?

You need to click on armours tab right click on dfs and operate it to get a hit.


How to use it correctly to get a kill?

I right click a dfs on my tab, click F1 button to go to my inventory and then a time is right which is usually 1 second after a whip hit I switch to powerful weapon to get a double hit.

Second trick I really like is fake eating.

How to do It?

In a situation where both players are in low hp ( which is usually 50-60 hp) I fake eat a super combat potion or sanfew serum to confuse my opponent that he would think I just eaten a food so he wouldn't except anything. While you eating you switch  to your special attack weapon and attack . While doing this there Is a chance that your opponent would tank it because It would be too late to realise that you are being speced.

4. Helpful Tactics


What is Vengeance?

It's a spell when you cast it and your opponent succesfuly hits you more than 1 this spell activates and your opponent will dealt a damage depending on his hit on you

How to use it?

Most of the players I've seen are using vengeance every time they pass 30 seconds limit- this is wrong ( you can stack veng by clicking on spell book, right clicking on veng and pressing F1 button which leads you to your bag)


Best way to use your veng is only then your opponent is about to spec or poke with a 2h item, which gives your opponent a better chance to hit higher, while he hits higher on veng  damage is bigger so you could spec him back with an extra hit.

Tip you should remember

Try to not spec a player while he's venged by doing this you put yourself in danger and an opponent has a high chance to kill you.

Special attack weapons

Dragon dagger: Drains 25% of special attack while specing you getting additional hit.

Armadyl godsword: Drains 50% of special attack , hits really high.

Granite maul: Drains 50 % spec usually used in dharok pking after axe to get an extra 2 hits.



                                 Let me know of a mistakes i've done :) 








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nice guide mate very detailed, ill refer ppl to this

also smite prayer works at ::meth and  Rocktail+Karambwan+Brew = 57 hp

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9 minutes ago, Ahmash said:

nice guide mate very detailed, ill refer ppl to this

also smite prayer works at ::meth and  Rocktail+Karambwan+Brew = 57 hp

Edited ty


1 minute ago, desert ship said:

Nice guide. would be better if u posted a video of u risk fighting. 

Keep it up.

This week I should get new pc so I defently gonna make a vid .

Thank you

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