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PK Guy

PM inbox bug

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First, before you read further, click here: 





Does your inbox look like this?




If yes then scroll down...












No, I mean all the way down till you see this:




Turn to the lightside...





...And that's all there is to it. Black don't work! Villain is villain...


P.S. This is my poor attempt at humor. However, it is also a bug report! Theme-flicking (because I can't stand looking at a white screen for long, esp. in a dark room) is not the long-term solution, 'tis only a kludge! IDK if this was common knowledge and it probably ranks 413m below sea level in terms of importance but just throwing it out there for those who might have friends... :kappa1:


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14 minutes ago, elizathepat said:

Really helpful, try posting this in the "Guide" sections though.


Yeah, wasn't sure if this was going to be a guide or bug report before I made the topic, I just sort did a bit of both. Anyway, I just checked the PM box (with dark theme) and as of right now it seems to be functioning correctly so maybe it was fixed! :)

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