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Found 3 results

  1. Welcome to Swab Recruitment Topic! We are the #1 PK Clan & Social Community Here you will find that we are extremely friendly, welcoming and helpful. If you're looking to make some new friends in a relaxed environment, you're in the right place. Introduction: Swab is the most dominant clan in RSPS history. We offer both singles and multi pking experience at the highest level of competition. We have progressed and surpassed every clans in RSPS. We have closed clans and forced them to merge just to be defeated by us again! If you value quality over quantity, you're in the right place. What We Offer: - Daily Singles/multi PK trips with active voice chat - Daily & Weekly Giveaways - Active Pking/Pvm/Skilling - Most active RSPS Discord and community - Abundance of females - Best pkers in the game RULES: Doing any of the following will get you kicked automatically. BSING Hacking RWT (relating to Roatpkz) Scamming DDosing Doxing (leaking private IRL information of any kind) Spying APPLICATION: In-Game Name: Discord Name: Timezone: Singles/Multi/Both: Main style(s) (Main/Hybrid/Tribrid): Have you read and understood all of our rules? Fill out the application and SUBMIT in this thread. Upon completion join our Discord and PM any Official+, Leader+, Owner+ your application for review. Discord Invitation Link: https://discord.gg/rsps Clan Information: CLAN YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBzCLSvUtKsNjpl9iuiqRHg/featured CLAN CHAT: "Swab" CLAN ZONE: ::Swab or ::Cz CLAN DISCORD: is REQUIRED for all members of SWAB to properly communicate and be up to date. Discord Invitation Link: https://discord.gg/rsps DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO JOIN THE BEST CLAN IN RSPS HISTORY? Join our Discord for more information. Hope to see you all soon!
  2. MYST NATION BRIDS Not too sure if this should be a team or a clan yet, as i'm not sure there are any other active pure clans however im hoping that this thread inspires other people to start their own pure clans as well as boost multi pking on Roatpkz. If you believe you're a good pure Nh'er or pure Tank then apply. Requirement List: Strictly 1 Defence 44+ Prayer Must be able to beat me in a 1vs1 or give me a good fight Leaders Mnb Nhers/Flawlessss Nh Aox ADMINS 99b ----- MEMBERS Block Made Metapod Fancy Boots Nahhhhhhhhhh 1Llllll Nh Allday Borer 32014 Surf Girl602 Aelin Jerusalem APPLICATION FORMAT: Ingame Name: Age: Timezone: Picture of inventory for pk trip: Picture of inventory for a 1vs1: Do you have Teamspeak 3 (Are you able to download it)?: Do you have any previous clan experience as pure? (List Clans):
  3. ANIMALS "We will never stand down" Motto -An accomplishment starts with a decision to try. About Us - team Aniamls is comprised of highly knowledgeable multi and single pkers who dominate clanwars. With a friendship building between these people, we created Team Animals. This team of friends quickly dominated the multi scene of the wilderness. Requirements -Be active How to Apply -PM the original poster - Apply in game with a certain message -State "Sent from the forums" or "Preapproved" - Fill out the application form and post here Application Form Ingame Name - Rate yourself [Multi] - Rate yourself [Single] - Favourite PKing Style [Bridding, Single, Multi, Tanking etc.] - Why do you want to join Insidious - Will you take the tryout - Anything else you need to know about them Promotions -How is Promotions earned in your clan? -Be active -Loyalty -Respectful Always be at your best Rules - Be mature in chat - No swearing(depends on the Player) -Never be late to an event - Keep your kdr good -Never ask for a promotion -Visiting Rules -What can Generals do(Kick, make events.) Events -Coming soon -Coming soon -Coming soon Clan Records - Name - Amount Skype(or other communication apps) My clan members uses Skype to communicate between clans Founder/Leaders - Mad Monkey, Xx lemon xx Founder/Leaders - House Music, Xx lemon xx High Council - Members - Recruiting, Captains- Members - Recruiting Members- Members - Recruiting Thanks for reading and hope to see you soon! -"Team Animals" wtf why cant i edit?
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