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  2. Where your mutes & jails at? #cleared
  3. my bad g quoting you and fruit separate too but thanks g edit: dawg they fucking merged this shit
  4. Yesterday
  5. I think 25% is a bit much and getting 2 logs instead of 1 is just annoying because when I skill on roatpkz (???) I want to afk. 1/10 to burn a log and get firemaking xp or something would be more reasonable.
  6. Last week
  7. Probably the only quality vidder I've seen in roatpkz ngl
  8. No. It burns some of the logs you cut like in OSRS.
  9. Maybe your muscles are sore. I would try to increase strength to increase skilling endurance. If you think there’s something off; record it and report it as a bug.
  10. I Don't see why not C the skill xp rate is already too low for one
  11. Comment like and Sub for your chance at Arcane spirit shield
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