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  3. Hi, firstly the veng icon hitbox looks like this: It's quite annoying that it only gives lee-way towards the right, in osrs it gives leeway towards the left too like this: It's less confusing this way and easier to use and it's less annoying for people who have their inventory setup with spec weapon more towards the left of the veng icon, new players who come to the game won't have to adjust their muscle memory for this, like I have been doing. Secondly, the position of the veng spell in the magic spellbook isn't customizable, for me and perhaps others the veng icon is awkwardly placed. For a pk server I think this would be huge to be able to remove some of the spells. I know that it seems like I'm whining about some tiny change, but experienced pkers will know the importance of keeping consistent muscle memory.
  4. Sharing usernames and passwords wouldn't be cool or fair to other users who pay for their subscriptions. Netflix has tons of awesome content, and investing in it is worth the variety and quality. If you're looking for recommendations, feel free to ask – I'm sure many of us can suggest some great shows and movies to watch! Moreover, you can get paid to watch movies on Netflix, so check it out. It can help you bring extra cash.
  5. Can vouch legit, quick and reliable service🤙
  6. blud is STILL Extreme Donator in 2k23🤡🤡
  7. Easiest way to recover an account is to go discord then to creating a ticket and after that fill the correct format. second thing you have to do is get online and type ::account-recovery and put the code you receive in the ticket (make sure only staff see's it) then wait till a staff responds.
  8. Scream is the funniest horror movie of all time, I highly recommend it
  9. Reminds me that I finished Kraken's collection log within 22 kills 🧜‍♂️
  10. Well, besides horror, I also like gambling movies. After the Blazzio project, I was very attracted to the subject.
  11. In-Game Name: Truelitepk Discord Name: Truelitepk Timezone: EST Singles/Multi/Both: Both Main style(s) (Main/Hybrid/Tribrid): Tribrid Have you read and understood all of our rules? Yes I do
  12. Continuity with OSRS One of the common complaints among both new players and those transitioning from Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is the lack of continuity in the wilderness experience between the two games. In this article, I would like to propose the idea of making Revs Caves singles plus, which would provide numerous benefits for both new and existing players alike. The significant advantage of making Revs Caves singles plus is the potential for increased popularity among players. Currently, Roatpkz lacks a PJ timer, which has proven to be a positive aspect of the game. By combining a deep wilderness with no PJ timer and a singles plus Revs Cave, we provide a compelling reason for new singles PKers and clans to engage in the wilderness, thus making it a more active and vibrant place. Enhanced Earning Potential A singles plus Revs Cave would also provide solo players with an excellent opportunity to earn PKP more easily. This revision would create a more competitve environment for solo players to engage in PKing without the constant fear of being multi ganked. In line with the recent implementation of the 30-player CC cap, this change would further balance the power of multi-teams. Increased Activity for Singles Players The addition of a singles plus Revs Cave would serve as a new hotspot for singles PKers, offering them more reasons to engage in the game beyond the occasional wilderness chest. This increased activity among singles players would also lead to more singles activity in the deep wilderness with the influx on singles pkers. Balancing Multi vs Singles Action Currently, the server heavily favors multi-team events and action, creating an imbalance in the gameplay experience. To address this, it would be fair to introduce a singles plus Revs Cave as an experiment. The success of Royal, which has provided singles PKers with an enjoyable prey vs. hunter gameplay loop, suggests that implementing a similar concept for regular Revs would be a positive move. Conclusion In conclusion, the implementation of a singles plus Revs Cave would not only enhance the continuity with OSRS but also provide new players with a more lucrative PKing experience. It would attract more singles players to the game, increase activity in the wilderness, and balance the current multi-team dominance. Let's engage in a discussion to further explore the potential benefits of this proposal and shape a more enjoyable gaming experience for all.
  13. can someone help me please, i've already sent in a recovery claim request
  14. goat

    Herblore Guide

    Can also do at bandit camp - Piles r walking around there too (Possible to get him stuck multiple places)
  15. Earlier
  16. PK Guy

    Herblore Guide

    Nice, but you don't have to use resource area for this skill, it is safer to use the skilling area south east of ::easts and you get the same XP!
  17. I suggest you take a look at Hereditary. It's a very high quality horror movie.
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