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  3. indeed a weird flex, but we still ly
  4. thank you king why do you want the sceptre?
  5. Crazy bro, LMK when your gonna start spending points I want the staff!
  6. Yesterday
  7. buying my first custom. PM me ingame or message here Thanks :)
  8. Whats the reason on holding 12k points sir? Spend them while prices are high
  9. Share me some points mate
  10. if @Smackd would get into parliament, this would mean @Smackdwould really win in the @Smackdand @Castialbeef
  11. Application format: Ingame Username: Bmw E61 How long have you been playing: Pretty long with some pauses. Do you have any single pk'ing experience (if so please specify): I'm learning to tribrid pking right now and i can't say i'm bad at it. I like allkinds of pking Can you join Skype/Discord/Teamspeak: i have Discord.
  12. yee thanks bro's xxx i'm recording clips every day will drop some more content soon obv
  13. LOOOOOL did you really get someone to go on exiled with my name so you could take a pic
  14. @Gretar Seems Money hungry... and llittle to lazyy to me... i used to play roatz years back and some of same fucking buggs are still around, i even made Suggestion ( I Do like this Server but whenever i come back after quitting... i end up in 1-2 weeks getting so bored i am gone again... due to lack of content... its always same newbie pvmers in wildy... same events... and same everything nothing changes... makes the game like a dead boat... waiting for collaps Gretar How many hours you spend a week code, when we take consideration amount of money you generate.... i bet you got a hourly sallery of 200$ Now get Back to work.... Jblind Is pretty Cool, hosts lots of events, and a great pker. Rest i aint got a clue about just some "Randoms" i guess you can say to me....
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