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  3. gretar only boost youtubers bro u dont know that?
  4. We should all get a free legendary mystery box to for all the fuckery gambling zones give us +1 if you agree
  5. Amazing update, orange skeleton is my favourite skeleton outfit colour Thanks for event released early Yours sincerely, Ex0tic
  6. Still need to make Wildy sword 4 work 100% when slashing webs. Hhhhh
  7. Due to the fact that we got no Easter Event this year, I was thinking Gretar should extend the Halloween event by 1 week. +1 If you agree.
  8. Happy Halloween! Hello everyone! hope you all have a fantastic Halloween. The Halloween update is a bit earlier than usual this year but I hope you guys enjoy it! Spooky Death Monster To begin the 2021 Halloween event you must speak to the spooky guy at ::hween (he will also show up when you die in the wilderness ) The Death npc will tell you to teleport to ::graves, in there you must dig up monsters! When the scary monsters show up, you must kill them! You receive Undead Tokens from the monsters (You also receive them from PvP kills, although in smaller amounts) You can then spend the Undead Tokens with Death at ::hween! Undead Halloween Caskets The main rewards from the Undead Tokens are the Undead Caskets, they come in 3 sizes, Small, Medium & LARGE! The Large one is the best and includes a Limited Edition Halloween Pet (100K value - tradeable). The Large Halloween Box Spinner! (5 - 100K) Halloween Event Pet From the Large Halloween box you can receive a Pet Undead Ghost, the pet is tradeable and has a value of 100,000 PKP. It can metamorphosis into 3 shapes! It is a 2021 Halloween event exclusive, therefore once the event is over, there won't be any more pets entering the game. Large Undead Ghost As an extra event, every 3 hours a Large Undead Ghost will spawn in a random location in the wilderness. The Ghost itself will have 10,000 HP and drop around 200,000 Undead Tokens in total. Keep an eye on that! Thanks and more to come
  9. Sinister


    Can’t believe you wasted your time doing this
  10. Lol Noone cares about your fp kdr
  11. I believe the fact you do, considering you can be talking non-stop at ::Skotizo/::jad and without missing a beat of typing your prayer auto change to w.e attack styles mfers use against you there. No matter what the kid under the wild boss was using on you, you would be typing and prayer switching fast as fuck bro. I 100% believe you ahk
  12. Didint ur stoopid ass already post this shit on Discord... Did you not get enough fucking attention regarding the fact you have shit RNG and are a clear fucking gambling addict...? Na you come on Forums to get even more attention for something you posted already because that's all you login for now a days. Becoming a mass recruited, clan hopping, dick sucking, "ask 4 hooks" shitter really did change you huh?
  13. Last week
  14. Ayo holdup @Tesfxye get your mom to discord me I want to arrange some curry soup to be delivered a7e
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