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  4. good thing i have saved up my emblembs with 39 t13 and over 100 emblembs above t6 lets go https://gyazo.com/ca24f7609e2488c95b735ef656159644
  5. I get your point but then it would have to be for all discontinued items.. it could cause some confusion in-game and people could just keep ''selling'' them for max TP limit.. making them useless.
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  7. I think raising pet ca every year will allow more active trading on tp - currently 2020 pets and some later pets go for more than the 20x ca limit which keeps them off of tp - doubling pet ca every year that goes by or maybe increasing by 25-50% per year would allow for easier trading eg pets have 100k ca current limit in tp is 2m off 100k ca launch: 100k ca -> 2m tp limit 1 year later: 125-200k ca -> 2.5-4m tp limit 2 years later: 150-400k ca -> 3m-8m tp limit doesn't have to be absurd on ca hikes and can combat rwt through notif sys ingame but would help prospective buyers reach pet sellers without timezone/right place right time restrictions
  8. Very dope update big G! Always working to keep providing us with amazing updates! 💯
  9. Great work Gretar, this should fix the lack of BHP flow 👍
  10. Bounty Hunter Expansion! Hey everyone, last October we released an update introducing multiple scrolls into the Bounty Hunter store. These scrolls have been a huge success and are very sought after. This has sinked millions of Bounty Hunter points from the game and we now have less BHP in-game than we had last year. Today we introduce a Bounty Hunter expansion to better balance out the game for everyone. New Bounty Hunter Crates Three tiers of Bounty Hunter Crates have been added to the Bounty Hunter system. These crates drop randomly similar to PvP Crates. They only drop if you killed your Bounty Hunter Target. They have great rewards which we'll show below. Bounty Hunter Crate (Tier 1) This crate has a base drop rate of 20% (boosted based on donator rank). It has rewards from 200 -> 60K PKP Bounty Hunter Crate (Tier 2) This crate has a base drop rate of 5% (boosted based on donator rank). It has rewards from 4.8K -> 120K PKP Bounty Hunter Crate (Tier 3) This crate has a base drop rate of 3% (boosted based on donator rank). It has rewards from 24K -> 160K PKP Bounty Hunter Emblem Value Increased Every Bounty Hunter emblem in-game has now been increased in BHP value by around 50%. Crate Rate Interface You can see your exact Bounty Hunter Crate chance with ::crate-rates. Enjoy the updates! 😎
  11. In-Game Name: Saibayin Discord Name: cai1633 Timezone: -3 Singles/Multi/Both: both Main style(s) (Main/Hybrid/Tribrid): hybrid Have you read and understood all of our rules? yes
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