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  2. Disrespectful to win by kicking the man
  3. "Delete that video off the forums" "That legit makes us look terrible"
  4. Yesterday
  5. Yes you got scammed lol, inquistor mace,blade or rapier are all used to have more odds in osrs duel arena to stake against a tentacle whip
  6. Hey guys, After a long 3 year break on osrs decided to do some staking again. So the first 7 stakes were between 200-600m won 6 out 7 only lost the lowest stake amount. after these stakes i was like yolo let's go 1b. After the countdown this guy switched to a weird ass mace i was like wtf.... so he kept hitting 20+ back to back till i lost. After the duel i searched the mace up it was called "Inquisitor's mace". So i was wondering is this a scam? Or just bad luck the stats doesn't seem to be that different between the tentacle whip and Inquisitor's mace. But the accuracy of the mace seemed a bit off.
  7. After a long win streak in duel arena on osrs i often switch to gamble on roatzpk, I love the gambling community. Always have someone to flowerpoker against. Just joined 4 days ago.. the game offers both very active pkers,gamblers. And what i actually enjoy the most is thieving! Such a grind to level it up i luvv itt. The only 2 things i don't like about the server are the broadcast. If you don't right click on it, it won't disappear. Would be great if extreme don+ would get an on and off button. And also the inactive staff on the forums. I know there isn't much activity on the forums which is why they focus more on in-game problems. but it happens very frequent that new players asked a question and noone answered them for the next 3-6 hours maybe more...and if they get answered it comes from the community not the staff. Dunno if this was always a problem but hope this improves!
  8. I recommend. Pre reset: Pet dark core - 8 KC Elysian sigil - 67 KC & 75 KC Post reset: Arcane sigil - 149 KC & 151 KC Elysian sigil - 198 KC (It's worth noting that all the drops listed, bar the pet, were received with an active Vote Bonus).
  9. Last week
  10. Both Elysians dropped on vote bonus - for sure ::vote if you are corping
  11. Not a single person you killed is in PG
  12. fixed. the owner should make you a mod or admin tbh. instead of making undeserved dogs mods that afk all day 24/7 whitout helping players. cheers.
  13. Check your junk/spam folder the security code usually goes there. Or go to https://roatpkz.com/accounts/ and click reset security code.
  14. man man cba downloading that huge list can the owner just login on my account and fix it ? I didn't got hacked i got a email on the account. when I try to login it says enter code I never got this code on my email. Can the owner see what mail the account it attached to it ?
  15. If you pm mods and they don't reply they're probably afk. You can ::setemail to get a security code for your account. If its asking for a code and you didn't set an email then you probably got hacked (because you didn't have your account secured). Follow this topic and recover your account manually.
  16. what is this server such a bullcrap server i pm mods in game and even in forums no1 there to help me or to react to my problem. i cant login on my main account because it says security code I don't have this code nor did I receive it can I get help or what ?
  17. He's been in-game spamming it all day, lets not leave that part out.
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