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  4. no. this isntmy video of me slapping taylor! this is me dunking on a dh rat talking shit...
  5. if you need to write in the rules no ddosing its not even worth entering sorry.
  7. the barrage thing was made for a reason hense it would be 2 afkable if you can just barrage all.
  8. bump this. its more needed then others!
  9. People that don’t understand what this video is about. Rofl
  10. pretty sure there's a list that was made ages ago
  11. will never be used nowdays in 2012 it was funny but nowdays everyone just says ks amk and dont even know what that mean so yea.
  12. yea osrs owners were thinking to bring divine back but it would ruin pking.
  13. i can make a poll for that aswell cause the ring of flying was kinda nice too
  14. idk you stop quoting me YouTuber
  15. Multi-barraging is disabled for a reason, i asked staff about a few weeks ago and it is intended, idk about NPC stacking. and the scorpion/spider suggestion is something that should probaly be changed.
  16. I don't think you should be calling someone a whale when you're absolute garbage at pking yourself and that is the main reason you're a nser.
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