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  2. Dont try to embrassing tesfxye he is best in game
  3. Now i can understand why is xdave and freinds camp dzone cave ty rg
  4. Today
  5. hello staff I back to play roatpkz I forget my password on game my name is tomy I need some1 staff help me and thanks very much
  6. https://gyazo.com/2151413d94d37f23724f98492a668db7 after this kill he was cleaned and had to donated irl for leg tickets to come back to roatz
  7. should turn ur eyes off with a rusty knife you tranny fuck
  8. maybe kill yourself and you wouldnt have to get attacked by 40hp zerkers
  9. Yesterday
  10. just turn yell off? i have it off cause its always toxic and i just yell if i gotta sell somthing and thats about it
  11. why u flaming urself ur so fucking cringe dumb submissive bitch, quit roatpkz lmfao rat random fuck
  12. Didnt i die to a like 36 ags spec to you LOL Idk but i did
  13. https://gyazo.com/4972658a7ed71aaa8a27438dac0897ed
  14. what troll you dumb faggot youre horrible stop talking
  15. Who even are you? Stop flame baiting its childish.
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