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  3. Macky

    Slayer Guide

    Nice guide! Possible add: You can also sell slayer keys at ::tp or with players I think you can also kill demonic gorillas while on black demon task Joining one of the open CC's will offer you more protection Being below 90 cb will get you less pked
  4. Yesterday
  5. welcome back from god of flamming my Little dude i dont Play anymore but if you Need anything pls qoute me ÜNOITEMSÜ
  6. I got kicked for cleaning inb4 at duel arena l0l
  7. Fruitiest

    Slayer Guide

    Updated it a bit. Let me know if you have any ideas for what else I should add to it.
  8. You take more pride in an admin replying to you then I take in having this rank lmfao nut rider
  9. welcome back man if you need a community ingame to chill with come see us in "RoadRage" clan chat! hope to see you around!
  10. Hit too close to home? Sorry for hurting your feelings admin man
  11. #::haxon665 L2 to stake
  12. You don’t Pk stop riding another dick faggot lmfao
  13. who tf wants to be like you? be srs with yourself idiot People copy my Name yours is nowhere being copied in any game.
  14. I made place for that trophy :-] sick content brother.
  15. Watch there will be army of 5 people of #KING GYMS GROUP. Watch how i take the first place :)
  16. omg welcome back, best youtuber ever! keep it up
  17. wow good job , gretar -- good luck everyone!
  18. Gonna need an unban for this boss. @Smackd @JBLIND @Fantastic @Gretar
  19. I'm selling them 120k each PM ingame = Macky Gee Can also pm me on forums or leave post below
  20. Sick idea, stupid that your giving these new clans from 07 free max sets tho... they should have to work for it like everyone else
  21. Couldn't even beat Alex and Oshe in the 2v2 but best of luck
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