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  2. this is unacceptable it's donkey
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  4. So apparently many people been having trouble dealing with certain matters could be emotionall or other triggeres that make them do things they are not supposed to do because it is repressed and should be dealt with immediately so you can not act out anymore and cause the other person any time of sad feelings by accident and hurt others spirit and emotion without their consent, so for that matter i rather be doing my best to help with such matter because i'm experienced with lots of stuff and id like to share here some with you. This therapy speaks about talking about what is really bothering you with complete honestly so you dont have to surpress it anymore and let it show again in another way and might be difficult to get rid with, so here let me help you with this. all you have to do is just ask me few questions that comes from top of your mind about this and i will be answering your question very quickly during my availability, so i know its rough for most people and i see through the cursing words and that and it wont seem to stop because somebody might or must be feeling bad about something and no one to talk with about it and probably don't know how to do that. so i'm here to help you with everything with anything i possibly so for this to work you must ask me few required question in this topic regarding to this and if you all are good and having good times then there's no need to post here, but if you are one of the guys that are seeking help someway, i'll be your guy to help you out. so feel free to talk about your situation with me and i will be there with you step by step to get it resolved and put things back to normal. and it wont be an open conversation it can be direct in my pms of discord which is the username is : #CHEF8774 all in capital sensetive letters. If you're one of these who are interested it may be your right place to start asking these few questions that will take us each to the further steps. Tell no one
  5. No I would not since my 'real life' will always be above gaming bro. And if the benefits were too good it will negatively impact other content and flood the economy
  6. and if the benefits were too good to miss then you would make time.
  7. Well if I'd have the time to play every day, yes I would keep up the streak. And it's faaaar from a shit money maker. You make money during making money. And spices up your game play.
  8. yes but would you say that they are so good that you would never want to miss a day and end your streak or rather would you say that scrolls have been crashing for a very long time and now it's a shit moneymaker relative to crates and other PVM / events
  9. to join giveaway u must : Like, sub, and comment you're ingame name below. goodluck! ( 500 vote points) In next video i will be using different filter, this one may be too dark tho?
  10. I agrizzle grazzle on all of these
  11. Last week
  12. Updated again. If you see anything in the list that is added/patched/fixed or whatever please let me know! @Gretar If ur bored look at the thread again, a lot got added!
  13. This could be something cool aslong as it's a (custom) boss that fits the gamestyle. It shouldn't be too often and maybe try to bring it in a way everyone can benefit from it. If it's just a normal wildy boss the one or two biggest clans at that moment will control it and farm more. It would be awesome to implement something into the wilderness where you're not obliged to be part of the biggest clans to participate to also stimulate single players & smaller teams. Also I think it would work that you can only go to ::voteboss and attack the boss if you've voted in the past 24 hours (to climb the toplists even more). Because if you'd think through the perspective of an individual player there is no really reason to vote 'just to get the vote numbers up'. You'll just have a little patient and play on and wait till it spawns (or vote when it's really really close). Overall an interesting idea and worth discussing about!
  14. To be honest daily tasks are already a very good consistent money maker that you could do every single day over and over again.
  15. drug rehab facts http://www.diabetescasestudy.com/serfr.html herbal remedies migraines https://soundcloud.com/doctoronline/kopa-reductil herbal remedies herpes
  16. Unfortunately I wasn't in the position to be as active so this month I'm just giving a heads up to all staff members of RoatPkz, keep it up lads RoatPkz had some serious glow ups lately. Me and the players have had a great time so hopefully it motivates y'all to be even more involved within the community.
  17. Yeah that's why Im suggesting loads of new scrolls to sink a shitload of points. Potential for scrolls to go up massively, whole point in this post is to make daily tasks much more profitable and make players actually want to do daily tasks and keep up their streak.
  18. nice bro you should removed the recycled kill pictures though Quite a few doubles and even a triple
  19. Nice collection, King, keep it up! - NecroFear Pb
  20. daily task scroll prices are crashing enough, more points would mean more cheap scrolls, im not a fan of that
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