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  2. Hey guys! Im not really into clue scrolls, but i assume as usual, it benefits rich people. I thought it would be good to add a loan system ingame, because as i can read in help cc, some clue scrolls require to wield donator shop items such as Katana (21k pkp), and those items are: Really expensive. Not really a market for them to re-sell, and if you find it you'll get merched for sure. (Richer get richer, as usual). So im suggesting adding like a loaning system. Of course that between known players they can loan it by a simple trade, but no one will trust new players or "unranked" and give them the Katana for example. So that's why im suggesting on adding a loan system, where you can give items required for a clue scroll for 1 hour - 2 hour - 24 hour, and you recieve some PKP for the loan. Maybe the items that are added into the loan system are ONLY the ones from donator shop (as they dont affect pking mainly), and LENT items WONT count as +1 in Wildy, it'll be auto kept, to ensure the loaner that the item its safe. Hope you could have some empathy after reading the suggestion, and feel what a new player with no extra 20-30k to waste on a Donator Shop item would do in order to finish the clue scroll. If in your opinion its balanced as it is, because if not "many people will finish the task", then i'd suggest also making it way harder to get the clue scroll drop..
  3. 1 problem, being here 8+ yrs I still don't know who you are? Keep acting like a fucking inbred you worthless shit stick
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  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcnuAZ4TbJE
  7. i fucking hate map clues if you dunno where it is. and all of the clues i have are map clues ffs
  8. im the co owner ask @Gretar
  9. Jealous i made 600k with staking and i play 1h per day ?.
  10. Asked @king hoof m8 and he said he's almost sure that it's at this location: Right at the wall above the spider text, fastest way to it is ::easts and run north. Good luck clue hunting!
  11. https://gyazo.com/017bc5c8e605d8042a084ded05af3f9ehow am i meant to find this specific area when the whole wilderness is surrounded by trees that look like it surely some one has been lucky enough or knows to get them found out quickly and easily... thanks in advance https://gyazo.com/017bc5c8e605d8042a084ded05af3f9e
  12. me, i had a lot of clips i needed to rid of. Now stop being jealous it doesn't suit you.
  13. Like + comment + subscribe | Big man thing innit. watch now
  14. Are the Forums your life?... You post more then the owner himsself lmao................
  15. You're dumb as fuck if i sell RSPS currencies. i have a real job. Playing roat pkz 20 hours a day. @biologist @jesusfcksyou
  16. Yes, it's available for 50K PKP. Pm me in-game if you wish to purchase it.
  17. Xex

    Starting Guide 2020

    dude you are fucking awesome for making this guide. im sure @JBLIND will be able to use this to learn how to play roat when he gets back from autism camp. he will be so happy to see this post! you should make a tribrid nh guide for @Tesfxye and his goons i know theyll need it. keep up the good work brother kkona
  18. Some reason, zammy god doesn't ever spawn for me. lol I got 5 Guthix, 5 Sara, 0 Zammy. Am i doing something wrong? lol
  19. very nice guide but you mis-typed the command for emptying your bank, change it to ::removealljunkfrombank*
  20. @Fantastic or @JBLIND Ive been dming alot of staff for this please can i get a response i just want to check if its still available to buy Username/s you're interested in: Naruto
  21. The ::emptyalljunkfrombank ist fucking great. Didnt know that haha edit: its not working lol
  22. Music feature, possibly add custom tunes and songs by uploading into the client, or the good old classic RS theme songs to make me reminisce about all those wasted years of my childhood playing runescape. Support.
  23. Official Starting Guide Now you're into RoatPkz. What's the path you willing to take? PK. Skilling. PVM. Secondly, before getting into the guide, you can simply type ::shops , and don't ever forget: Mazchna (PKP Shop) is the PKP Store. You can get all the untradables & most pk weapons from it. After the introduction, it's time to make decisions. As it was mentioned above, you can choose between three options. PK As it is a PK server, you maybe willing to spawn & pk. To search for items you want to spawn, type ::getid . ALL UNTRADABLES are kept all over Wilderness, not only under level 20. After hitting the bank, you can choose between getting spawnables inside bank or not. Don't worry if you get tons of spawnables inside bank, you can simply type inside chatbox ::removealljunkfrombank -> and they're all gone. Now its time to spawn items & pk. But how? Spawn server presets 2. Create your own preset & spawn it within 2 clicks! For this, go inside the Quest tab, to the Crossed Swords button! Just select the items, put the items in your inventory the best way that suits you and save it! Then you only have to go to: Quest tab -> the crossed swords tab inside quest tab -> Click the Custom Kit you've just created & PK! Pking is not what you mostly enjoy doing? Skilling You have 11 unique skills. 10 of the 11, for skilling will give you Skilling Points. This can be right clicked & claimed as Pk Points (10 Skilling points = 1 Pk Point), or you can save the Skilling Points & buy supplies for every single skill. To start skilling you can simply type ::skill or if you don't want to roam arround the island, you can just type ::"theskillyouwant" , for example, ::mining or ::cooking and you'll go directly to the respective zone. This is an ilustrative example, but it is the same for every skill. You will see a NPC like this for every skill. From it, you can buy/sell supplies & buy unique skilling outfits. Each part of the outfit will give a 2-2,5% bonus xp leading to a 10% bonus xp for the complete set. For more information of each skill, just click the skill you wanting and it'll show you what you need for each level. The last skill, is Slayer. You can start this with ::Slayer but WATCH OUT! Its Wilderness based skill, all tasks are inside Wilderness, so beware from pkers!!!!!! You can teleport to task with the Enchanted Gem (It's free in the reward shop, but you have 10 teleports per task.) PVM To know what bosses are available ingame type ::Drops . Appart from showing the NPCs you can kill (Kraken, Roat Pkz Champs & Zulrah are safe zoned), it show what it drops and what's the chance of getting it. To improve the drop rate, you can ::vote & get a 60 minutes boost, or DONATE to increase the drop rate PERMANENTLY. To teleport to all bosses you can talk to this guy, arround ::home Bonus As this is a limited guide, just to show the basics of Roat Pkz, i'll give you an useful addon from the server. To buy/sell items you can go to ::Tp (Trading Post). This works as a Grand Exchange, but watch out! Sometimes items are way overpriced, so better get staff help to get the prices correct before over paying !!!!!
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