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  3. This is a good idea. When clicking on that button it will give you different tier of pkp warning - 1) 1k pkp 2) 10k 3) 50k+ 4) no warning etc etc
  4. Instead of removing the warning all together can you make it so you can set a price of items that you would not like the warning to have. in OSBuddy or some runelite client I Remember being able to remove the warning for items below 50K or whatever value you input. I'd like to be able to drop all my fish in my inventory without a warning while clicking on an Ely in inventory it will avoid that message for the Ely but drop the rest without asking.
  5. Very nice update my G. Keep the good work up
  6. Last week
  7. When attempting to cut gems at level 1 crafting with +25 Levels for crafting, it will not let you. Had a 16 crafting level requirement with 26/1 and it would not cut the gems.
  8. looking for someone to make me a logo tonight will pay 07 gp or paypal how ever you want it if you need me contact me on discord HITME NOW#6073
  9. When a giveaway is waiting to be drawn by the youtuber it say's : It really should be Orange and state that the draw is still Waiting To Be Drawn.
  10. ::Blacklist to punish the rushers/Raggers @Edge PvP
  11. I'm about sick and tired of players that are not my opponent attacking me right after I heal up some and im not talking about healing up full. but the timer is so ridiculous. I dont have time to eat up 1 shark and attack back. sick and tired of being interrupted by shit pkers that sit there and spam click on somebody. Fix it
  12. Tesfxye

    Forum staff?

    Still need to implement in game rewards for using forums if people want forums to be active like they used to be
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