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  2. Idk who’s more garbage in this gif gz randoms
  3. Thanks for giving me a reason to Mac ban you
  4. Your English is still as broken as your mother’s legs. Tell her to hop on that wheel chair and do some tricks for me 360s preferred
  5. Today
  6. bug abuser smh. nice video
  7. Don't mind him. He's one of my fans. On topic: Very nice video mate. Looking forward to the next one.
  8. Yesterday
  9. This should be spoken more - construction can add a lot to the game - the spec restore chests can be reduced, and construction added - this way it will make people do a bit more effort rather than logging to server, spacing and logging out. The player-owned house can also help in reducing bank spaces taken for customs and rewards, and also add an option for teleports that can reduce portals across the game and skills. Altough it can take a lot effort to rewrite some spawnable items and some skills - it's worth the fun of it. I suggest also to create pets with special abilities that can be earned from wildy bosses /achievements/pets boxes. farming is useless unless the herblore is also added, but then the economics and spawned items need to be rewritten, so it's more complicated. Hope to see what improvements/changes to come!
  10. Looks like you are more experienced with fucking the self so how about you teach me some tips that worked with you the best?
  11. Good times got ur ip daily off Skype
  12. He’ll just delete his comment before I get to see it anyways Fuck yourself buddy @JBLIND thoughts 1 more word and I’ll have Jblind take care of you again bmt
  13. i wouldnt care about what anyone had to say about me if they didnt have a serp lol
  14. Looool you’re gassed Craig accused you of autoswitching a 5 way
  15. To join the Extreme Donator Ticket GIVEAWAY: 1. Subscribe to my channel! 2. Like the video! 3. Comment your IGN on the video!
  16. When me and Conor stayed up all night worried for smackd when he had his first alcohlic drink/pepsi overdose (still un-sure of the cause). When Elo go introduced and a certain Frontline Member/ International Criminal was upset
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