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Roat Pkz Username

Found 2 results

  1. GF 288 KS, GF BANK RANDOM. TAKE A SEAT. By welfare too smh lol who the fuck considers shitters ike this good lmao is roatpkz that bad?
  2. Basically turns out most brids on this game are lightwork, especially the youts that eat at 90 and tp at 50. so ossy man like me has created a list of the ratings of different brids. If you want me to rate you than we must have a calibration bridding session in order for me to determine your level. ps, I am only able to use up to 50% of my true ability, however i have found that around 10-11% is optimal for the majority of the players currently playing. The reason i cannot use above 50% is due to the fact that i am a compassionate player do not like to make people feel bad, therefore if i do decide to enter the realm of 50% the server would most likely crash ruining the fun for everyone due to the overload of the magnetic flux density resonating with the hydraulic systems of my switches. Ratings: (ratings based on my ability at 15%) (will change overtime with more people and recailbrations) Lightwork 15%, 10/10 1III1 (that kingpaki yout), 3.2/10 I dont dance, 5.7/10 Spy network 6/10 bind u dead 4/10 sm0key890343 or wtever his name is, 3.8/10 (trust he is lightwork, just safes with max gear, calm) Dr4gon smthin walk about with red skull guy idk his name, same as sm0key but abit better, 4.3/10 Wastemen G, 7.5/10 i've calibrated some other youts but i dont remember them exactly so i will update this as time passes. pm me in game if u want me to calibrate
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