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  1. Recently I've gotten bored of main pking and turns out there's no other pk builds that are used. It would be quite beneficial for the server's player base and diversity if there were some motivation for people to use different builds. Few possible changes: A PVP slayer master What the slayer master does is assign you for e.g Kill 20 pures, Kill 10 mains, Kill 15 zerkers, in additon to this you could go as far as making it e.g Kill 15 main tribrids, Kill 15 range tanks, Kill 10 dharokers . But make this content viable in which you always want to pk on task like OSRS and pvm for example, e.g x2 emblem upgrades, x5 pk points A daily PVP event Daily events of 1 def pures, e.g x2 emblem upgrades while using pures for the 24 hours. > next day could be zerks-70 def range tanks Addition to that maybe weapon of the day for e.g Dragon mace kills give x5 pk points on kills Wildy PVM and PVP Buff drop tables of wildy bosses to encourage people to boss more for comparable money per hour to pking, this would make the wilderness as a whole more active with pvm kills, pvmers and deep wildy pkers in general. (you could almost half them in my opinion, pets too) Side idea It would be nice to see the Edge area cleaned up and customized a bit to make the server look tidier and more professional e.g take out the house on the west of the bank and use that space for something (don't really have an idea but you get the point XD)
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