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  1. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ like i said its the ping, i'd gladly fight 07. literally every dds up there has me praying melee lmfao ping delays that shit from playing on 40ish ping on 07 to 200 on roat hmmm
  2. there's unrestricted worlds out rn bud, no excuses lmfao
  3. eh don't really care, i've offered to fight in 07 so I don't have shit ping but kid is an rsps pker so never shows up. 0-0 record as far as I'm concerned.
  4. you got all those pics but atleast I didn't plank to a barrage LOL. also s/o to 200 ping with those pray melees that you hit thru. like I said, hop on discord and stop avoiding, since you were the one who wanted to do so in the first place. or we can hop on 07 idrc. also have like 4 other kps of you but they're scuffed and don't show kill
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