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  1. i'll end up getting banned man haha
  2. no idea what can be implemented but my jesus, im getting frustrated being TELEBLOCKED as i enter the wild at edge everytime. yes there's blacklist but then other accounts comes along and does the same, and so on... please, before i go ape on these lonely cockroaches.
  3. Big boy like me only one to seem to dare risk their hp so low in edge
  4. yeah im aware of that but i want it so it can be displayed so people can see
  5. I did hear it used to be on the old interface. Thanks gretar!
  6. Would love to see a max hit with the combat styles. why? just a cool feature that people can display there wildest hits that gets displayed above their heads like you can click on your KDR and it displays it for people to see. Would be a cool feature imo. P.s: just want it to display this saucy smack to the chin
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