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  1. Application: o What is the main priority when in a war or fighting another clan? I think communication is the most important o What is your current RoatPkz Display Name? Kingredarrow o Do you plan on joining RoadRage? Yes o What are your previous clans? No Previous clans on Roatz but GG on OSRS o What is your Discord userid?: Kingredarrow #6414 o What's your KDR? 1.978 o Any experience in multi clan PKing? If so tell us a bit about it. I was apart of GG for this latest deadman tournament and was in the final hour but died ;'c o Age? & Name. The name is not mandatory. We are all about privacy. 20, Diogo o How active are you? o What's your current bank value? Not mandatory. 6-8 Hours a day and 15k o What role would you like to play as? Example: TBer, Range Tank etc o When did you start PKing/Multi PKing? Range Tank
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