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    Hi, Could u guys please add a damn pj timer to sub 5 wilderness. That and something to make ppl not able to mage swap and tb under lvl 5 wild? These things only affect negatively pvp in general. I was fighting this guy right called W45 Hero, and since i had moentum he was eating without fighting back, while my hp was getting lower due to his recoil (Recoils are spawnable BTW for a reason that i don't know?). So bascailly i got ags gmauled sometihng like 90 hp and lost a 308 ks. This is just retarded, I died because i had momentum ? Now people will rush you with these void knives and combos all over edge, or pj your fights. This need to be stopped since it's just cancer overall and it make noobs happy. Thanks or at least make it so people can't pj with spec in like 5 seconds.
  2. Dragonstone bolts (e) on your server are way too strong. They can spec like 10 times a fight, and when they do, it's a guarantee 30+ damage. I've been bolted 30 thru prayer back to back multiple times, sometimes you can spec 3 times in a row. You can tell me that it's RNG and it can happend 100 times in a row if best rng possible, but on this server, it doesn't feel right as it always fucking hit and make nhing cancer. Also could it be possible to lock recoil rings under a PkP price (like 5 Pkp)? People start off nhing with recoils and it's just annoying to fight against. It make bad nhers able to compete.
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