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  1. i said like you gotta kill 3 monsters 3 times each so like it sums up to be 9... but ye man it is annoying killing it again and again after the cape uncharges.
  2. i don't die lol the thing is i have to do it 9 times cuz gotta kill 9 npc's for it and soon gonna uncharge again so like wtf? It should be like after getting the imbued capes by killing 9 npc's, when it gets uncharged, it should only require 1 heart or something for each cape just like in OSRS
  3. ye bud, saying the same thing.
  4. Yes, it could be better if you only have to kill one npc just for 1 cape after doing the quest for the cape.
  5. The wildy is already active + it's boring and annoying doing the same thing over and over again, isn't it?
  6. YO, I wanted to give a suggestion about the imbued god cape. I've seen many players having it in-game, but the problem is that when this cape gets uncharged, there should be another way besides going once again and killing all those monsters. There should be an easy way for getting it charged back just like for the dharok's, ahrims etc, there is something called "armour fix stand" OR maybe just like for the serpentine helm, there is something called "zulrah scales" which charges it back. Alright pce.
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