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  1. Please make it so you can hit people in multi even if someone hits you while you are in single. Idk why you'd make this update but if you could revert to old school mechanics that would improve pking. Also the staff in rs that gives little mage bonus but has a spec bar.
  2. why all these kids crying on my post. this is a good suggestion
  3. Please add more spellbook swaps then usual to max cape/ teleports at 30 wilderness/ infinite mage arena 2 cape charges, please atleast the infinite charges. It seems pointless to get 1000 kills for a cosmetic max cape. Should have use to it
  4. Even though i get the most hybrid kills, people that I have never seen except ragging at events somehow manage to get as many hybrid kills as me, when I don't think they even mage, if there could be something done about being able to rag hybrid kills that would make more sense to not make the hybrids have to compete against raggers
  5. I believe that if you made the rate pvp items degrade increase due to your donator rank, it could make the rank, and the items more viable, cosidering they are the some of the most costly items, but degrade in such a short period of time, it does not seem that worth it to use, unless you have a lot of money to spend, and this would encourage more people to donate and use these items. Also I don't think max cape should require 1000 kills, and to max all of your stats, they should make two different capes, or make make cape require one of the other. It doesn't seem that worth it to get the 1000 kills and have to max your account on top of that, just to have an auto keep imbued cape, when donors pretty much get enough charges to keep the cape for a long time.
  6. Look at all these kids spamming who are mad they cant build on my post
  7. Check out my vid guys, I started last season and have made pretty good progress, thanks and enjoy.
  8. Every event is run by vikolians, a clan that has players who are in their specifically to rag the events with as many people possible. Making it hard to put any competition against multi events. Even with clan members
  9. Also forgot to add, when you are trying to teleport to a bounty hunter target, if it told you whether he was in multi or not, like in osrs. I believe it would also be a good update
  10. Bounty hunter is currently hard to do, considering targets can skip during combat, I suggest not being able to skip target when either your target is on you, or your in combat, atleast the first one. And also if you could pj your target like you can in osrs, that would make a lot of sense, and make bh hunting a lot more viable.
  11. The events are ridiculously outweighed by clans, as a solo or a person with less then 10 people, it is impossible to do any of the multi events because of this one clan that masses 50 people for every event, if you could somehow put a limit on players on cc, or make the events singles more often, would probably make the events a lot more balanced.
  12. I believe you should add burnt pages to the pkp shop for 25 or so pkp each, or increase the amount of charges you get per page. At the moment the tome is way to expensive to pk with, you use the pages ridiculously fast, and the pages just cost way to much, making the tome not even worth it to pk with. And also a smoke staff added into the shop would make moderns a little bit more viable, the cost should probably be 500-1k and would be good extra content.
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