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  1. sorry babe @Tupac just wantedto share my story u [email protected] just wantedto share my story u [email protected] and i did do that already but had no response so was like ill post a long ass story:D btw @tupac u old palidino player? u that one? Oo
  2. good day staff of roat pkz yesterday i came back to play this rsps after a long time everything was fine only had my 2fa on it which i lost so i got it back tru "death kid" donated some $ for some starter money again now today trying to log into the game and my password has been changed so i go to the website try to reset my password tru e-mail but now it says it has no account attached to it i really have no clue wat happend didnt log into any other website or anything maybe it's just bad luck i did have a simple password on it still and forgot to put back my 2fa on it can u guys maybe help me out? check ips or something idk really want the account back since i donated 70$ on it;p and i made new account yesterday to post a thread to recover my 2fa from my "bicepjr" account the new account i made was named "iwillskill" i can still log into the game on that account but not into the forums no more and"bicepjr" password has been changed on forums and ingame please help me out:D the email linked to this account was the email i yesterday recoverd the 2fa to so u guys can contact me tru that or on here
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