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  1. Recap of last month: 1: ''Ghost'' aka the Ratgang perm tber thought he could hop in focus gear? Apparantly he had a box but he was boxing one of our spies. Better luck next time! 2: IOXTD (Hills pker) dead for 100K 3: No Jagex running straight into multi because he couldnt tank a half at graves or did he really not know the lines? 4: Sparklev afraid to get fulled at ::gorillas, put on melee prayer next time buddy Loot pic: 5 6: Leader Daul Penino followed our bait too axe hut. When we logged in on them they were panicing and logging left and right. Daul Penino thought the only way out was running straight into multi. Bad idea! ( 250k+ totalled ) His buddy 0(Solidtag Leader) tried the same thing and died for 100K seconds later. 7: ''Keytracker'' or whatever this guys called tried tbing our bait and I really dont have a clue what happened here ??? (DEAD TO A 19 FOR 250K?) 8: Quit after ahk got patched.. come back a day and this happens to big bum bum (GWASSED FOR 220K) 9: PG Leader Xdave clearly showed who is the better leader is, once again Daul Penino dead for another max set Contact Xdave or Qwertyuiop1 ingame/discord to spy xdave#9559 qwert7beb#1999
  3. 3 Clans merged together to fight the undisputed kings of the wilderness. Just means more kills for us. This was all in 30 minutes(today).. EXPECT MORE Solidtag Leader Dead On A Half This Dumb Ragger Still Doesnt Know The Multi Lines In 2020? Leader number 2 running into multi after tanking for 2 mins knewing he'd die: New Solidtag Recruit 'Playnunez' KICKED AFTER HE DIED ON HIS FIRST TRIP V2 Dbower Spec Prod Dead For 15K @Hamza @Adam GET UR DOGS IN CHECK BONUS: RATGANG LEADER LOSING 1M PKP POINTS NH STAKE TO MONGOLIANS GOON ABSOL505 STAY TUNED! IF U HAVENT SEEN IT ALREADY CHECK PK VID 3 PK VID 4 COMING SOON FT ADAMZOR DEAD
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