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  1. Is there a similar app to those? I don’t have the latest machintosh and it doesn’t allow me to download it. you have discord bind u dead so we could chat?
  2. Still haven’t got it, if anyone knows how to fix it i would be very happy.
  3. Doesn’t work. There are some of the icons in roatpkzv6 folder but there are also 3-4k icons hanging without the folder in the finder and if i try to put them into folder it just makes copy of them and still leave them hanging around.
  4. Isn't there a way to downlod the client without them? if i try to put them in folder, they will remain in the finder too.
  5. I tried to move them, made a folder for them and copied them there, but they still remainded in the finder like that, so i had them in both places
  6. Can i send them to your discord? doesnt let to attack image, says too big I got it now. I have like 3k of them
  7. Hi there! Does any of you know how to fix this situation? I am macbook user and downloading this roatpkz client all the icon files comes to my Finder. I have like 3000 icons from this roatpkz from hp icon to music tracks. I don't mind having them but would like to put them in 1 folder or is there any other way? Because I can barely find my own files from those 3k icons thats taking all the room there. If you know how to help me, then please pm me. Thanks!
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