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  1. bump pls need real staf to see not fake wana be staf
  2. dont hate just masturbate and fix the server
  3. So I'm a consistent PKer, I have a total of 50 kills over my seven accounts, and my all time favorite special attack weapon would be the Armadyllian Godsword, I have a few problems with it, it doesn't high enough or not consistently, It is very expensive at a whooping 4,200-4,700 player killer points. In my opinion I think the Armadyllian Godsword should have a max hit cap in rune of 82, and a guaranteed hit of 55. Now on the other hand i think dragonite claws should have a max hit cap of 55 in max strength and a guaranteed hit of 25. they are so overrated trash. Vesta's Longersword is okay, but Please make the Dragon Dagger P++ hit a guaranteed 30+. In 200 hundred hours of player-killing, it's sad to say I've only got 52 kills total because these weapons don't hit high enough. I think the Kowatchi's Sword should cost 25% special attack and hit a guaranteed 60-80 but only hit every 2 game ticks. I also think you should be able to add weapon poisoning to the armadyllian godsword and venom to the dragonite claws. Please leave feedback or send me max sets in game. -Lootnshoot-
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