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  1. Well, thats the thing with revenants, right? high risk, high reward? Just dont risk anything and be very patient.
  2. Hi, user FC3S / vileplume / lijiljjil here. Played for 4 years or something. I learned to pk and continue to pk almost exclusively at Edgeville. As much as I enjoy Dh pking, I prefer it to be its own separate class of main melee pking. That way, more variations of pk gear are viable for use. Dh, while not the most accurate, has incredibly high defense and strength. If I'm correct, someone at 70hp can hit close to 70, which when added to a veng splat, can send you straight to hell with little to no warning whatsoever. I'd say it is the most unpredictable combo in melee, alongside Vls-gmaul. With defense, defense can keep even a player in Vesta or Statius in a state of suspense, and then shock when they finally whip high, only to be combo'd by the aforementioned. The potential for Dh to kill a risker so easily makes for great rags-to-riches stories, but its a rare occurence, as players have been keen to Dharok's status. Why risk my gear if i'm not getting a suitable reward? This brings us to the price. A full set of Dharoks and a berserker (i) will set you back about 575 if you cant find anything on the TP. Your average vote will yield about 2175 pkp, if you're like me and cant resist opening the mystery box. That alone, spending the ~3 minutes to vote, will net you THREE full sets of Dharok's armour. Even a fresh account can afford a dragon defender and fire cape along with one full set and a b-ring, with room to spare for karambwans and teleports. Some would say this is good for breaking new players in, but I promise you that more variations of gear is way more inviting. Remember when people actually used void melee, if just to try? As Dh becomes more available, void becomes less viable. I know, what I ask is more than just a price change. But with the cost of votes, inflation of pkp, and in particular, the availability of items, all increasing very steadily, so should the prices of the items available in the pkp shop. I think that doing so would result in a massive and sorely needed change to the meta. Thanks for reading.
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