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  1. Update the HD client to 508 or 525 Graphics. just like the old pre-eoc. times the current 317 model graphics are outdated, ugly and it looks like a dead Minecraft server from 1983. This update would do the server good and a lot more players will play it because of the updated graphics.
  2. Stupid faggot yes a lot of people do seeing how unbalanced things are in this server. don't let me even start about the combat system mage in d boots and mystics and d kite freezing me in arhims lol fagg
  3. dumbess yes the max hit is 48-48 that is fine but that's not the point dumbess. the point is that the dark bow is underpowered with the accurate attack style of it. the accuracy of the dark bow that's the problem it's rarely that I hit a decent spec with dark bow 90% of the times I keep hitting 8-8s with max range void set dumbess. fix dark bow asap or people will keep quitting the server
  4. BUFF DARK BOW MAX RANGE GEAR MAX VOID AND I KEEP HITTING 8-8s everytime 24/7. I don't understand why the owner doesn't fix the underpowered DARKBOW. its impossible to keep hitting 8-8s in max range 24/7. once in 50 specs do I hit a decent amount and that amount is at max 65 damage. BUFF DARK BOW STOP BEING LAZY!
  5. why is gretar not buffing droptable wildy bosses. there best drops atm are 1k each items that's underpowerd if wildy bosses get buffed it would result in more active players killing bosses and more pk teams fighting for the bosses its a good idea if you ask me tbh
  6. good video but the song starting 1:50 is giga gay
  7. Nah I mean even the bosses in the wild are poop drops I mean like Callisto dropping the best item which is a 1k item. The spider dropping the best item 2k item. the other boss in the wildly with shield/sword as well poop drops. In general, the bosses in wildly should be buffed drop tables wise. This server has a really bad PVM. Zulrah should really be buffed. Like, put 5-10k drop items to all the bosses in the wildly Callisto, etc. so that it's actually worth killing these wild bosses.
  8. Zulrah takes 12 mins to kill with max gear. And the loot you get is 50pkp each. zulrah has underpowered drop table. literally 12 min in max gear for 50pkp each kill. Zulrah on this server is really bad it needs a buff asap.
  9. Gretar please listen to you're skilling community. there is a lot of skillers playing the game. We want the miningskill to get buffed. Right now its underperforming. Its not enough it needs a bigger buff I suggest upgrading the ores in price 100pkp each.
  10. Gretar is not a good owner trust me. if gretar was any decent he would also listen to his skillers community. i understand that its a pvp based server but there is also a lot of skillers that enjoy skilling. atm its just not balanced esp the skill mining. mining is a skill that is quite hard and always be duo its concept of mining rocks/boring skill. but the point is that if you take a look at the requirements for the skill 85 mining wich is quite hard on top of that very boring. then you expect the rewards to be good or at least decent. now if you look at the rewards its unfair rune ores are 50pkp each and there not afkable how on earth is this balanced. all I want is that gretar takesa look and listens to his skilling community and appreciate the feedbacks we give I've been saying this for months and months to buff the miningskill but gretar is just ignoring us and not even responding... now tell me is that a good owner ? not even responding and replaying I've been saying this for a long time and still no buffs or replays that says a lot about the owner.
  11. Meh the owner doesnt really care about the players and there feedback anyway. Alot of people complained about mining and its still not fixed no wonder everyone is quitting the server. all I'm asking is buff mining and increase rune ores up to 100pkp each its a small update and it will benefit the skill and skillers also more people would be start doing mining that's good for the server economy.
  12. I dont understand the point in getting 85 mining. i also don't understand why the owner isn't buffing mining. atm its pointless and not worth to get 85 mining. 85 mining takes 2 weeks. you mine rune in wildy 52 and 1 rune ore is 50 pkp. that's absurd. woodcutting is afk and u get 50pkp per log that's sad how it works out like this. i mean why does the owner don't want viarity in skill isn't it boring to all cut logs because that's the only ways worth. other skills esp mining is underperforming. giga hard the requirements are big and the benefits is low buff mining please just my feedback as player make the rune ores atleast 100pkp otherwise its not fair! or buff it in someway.
  13. fixed. the owner should make you a mod or admin tbh. instead of making undeserved dogs mods that afk all day 24/7 whitout helping players. cheers.
  14. man man cba downloading that huge list can the owner just login on my account and fix it ? I didn't got hacked i got a email on the account. when I try to login it says enter code I never got this code on my email. Can the owner see what mail the account it attached to it ?
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