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  1. OBJECTIVE: Us within the Clan Chat of Invasion will never give up. Any obstacles, we will overcome. We're a small selected group of friends that have decided to piece together a DOMINANT Clan Chat, which is going to be completely focused on dominating all PvP aspects of the game. Invasion will be a CLOSED Clan Chat and a competitive team of pkers. Our objective is to demoralize ANY team that stands in our way. The wild is our territory and we will not hesitate to clear anyone and everyone from any location in game. We will be dominant. Official Clan Chat name: Invasion CC RULES: We only ask of 1 thing you respect, and that is to not be a rat, failing to comply by this will not end well for yourself. RECRUITMENT Username: Timezone: K/D Ratio: (Screenshot) Play time: Language(s): Discord: Yes/ No Microphone: Yes/ No
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