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  1. 1 clan controls everything in the wild an there's a 50 member limit to clan chats.. say 100 people join, they wanna go check out revs or any wildy event/boss content. Well tough shit you can't, cause again 1 clan controls everything which is usually the clan that has the highest member count. Say 70 out of these 100 people wanna try to join this clan an participate in said events/bosses. Oh can't get in its maxed at 50... but wait when you finally can get in guess what.. boom kicked because a higher member wants to join, which is another feature that needs to be removed. I don't get on early or spend time trying to get into the clans cc, so i can participate in these events just to get kicked out by a random higher rank whos just logging in an can enter the cc whenever, an boot some random whos lower ranked then him. AN then wait there's more.. lets say your at one of these events with a good portion of your clan. (20-30 members) AN you get KICKED cause of a higher ranking person that wants to join. Now you have 30 Clan members attacking you because of that higher rank that wanted to join, So much about clan chats an this server are broken an have no quality to them. Change the Clan Chat members limit to 200 an remove the kicking feature.
  2. Remove the ability for 126s to attack people out of there lvl an remove clan chat member limits..You are literally killing your own server with these feature an others.. please remove them, why would something like this even be implemented?? lmao fr
  3. How am i lvl 87 getting hit by a 126 in lvl 30? happened before when i was at easts too. Can 126s attack you anywheres if they are your target?
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