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  1. Gretar - if i were to see you daily irl. i'd give you milatary salute #1 server 199/100 Smackd - the little bit of time he spends on roatz always helping 120/100 rag bot v1 - All i can say is rag bot is a beast very friendly and humble also 199/100 Fun time - deserves mod usually gets most hours + most help request 100/100 valance - awsome always reply's never ignores very humble 100/100 ex0tic - after mod promotion has been more active. 100/100 missslayer - Helps spanish comunity and is not a catfish 80/100 Sniffmysack - helps spanish / english comunity 80/100 wolf - eco holder / helps and does decent amount of hours 100/100 no name set - not much i can say but does help alot 100/100 goat have not interacted much with him but hes cool 80/100 baz i miss baz was best mod in my opinion! 120/100 frutiest always helps never a gambler my respects for not being an addict 100/100 If i did not mention you mean's i hardly have any comunications with you so can't rate you
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