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  1. Thanks guys i really hope this goes!! Lots of support thank you!
  2. That is very true good you brought that up m8, i mean Fighter hat, Fighter torso, Fire cape, that stuff, not statius, d claws and so forth. good catch thank you! Thanks again everyone!!
  3. Thank you both for your support!!
  4. Just a quick suggestion on PKP items, i think it would be a neat idea to make it so all current donators and upcoming donators pkp items are kept in their inventory upon death, it gets quite ridiculous when you have people trying to cock block your fire cape's and so forth due to them not liking you for whatever reason or just being a jerk, and non-donators don't get this feature. Leave comments below on what you think It gets pretty annoying to try and get items back, especially if you DC or the entire server DC's or restarts, or whatever the situation is. Would be a neat handy idea for donators. Or maybe make it for everyone? I'd just like to see it happen Thank you for reading and leave comments below!
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