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  1. Can we get the option to see what ur opponent has in his inventory in the duel arena stake screen , Maybe this would result in lees scams
  2. Thanks for the fast respond Guys +1
  3. Can the rogue npc’s get added in the game again i got a Slayer task and there are none thanks
  4. hey yoobs Doe's roatpkz Need any youtubers? My YT channel has over 3.9k Subs + 4m Views in total


  5. I know yoobs But u asked me one Question Can i have ur ingame name I thought U only needed To check it So sorry for the reaction i gave ill just wait till u guys Got time to help me greetz nick
  6. Well guys Since i get ignored on my mails There is no other Option then Quiting, I will Keep my YT channel up2 date So u guys can still enjoy Staking vids,and tut's Greatz. Nick
  7. Yoobs I needed To react My playerdetails to the email I dit it tuesday Can u watch please 

  8. When i try to log in on roatpkz it says login limit exceeded does somebody know how i can repair this i got donations penning on my account I already re downloaded The client And still The same problem
  9. render: Cristiano ronaldo colors: Suprise me text: Nickjacobs +1 Goodjob man
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