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  1. This was taken care of. Idk how to delete post but ignore.
  2. I have a question about an old account that I cannot remember the password for. I saw the forums and what to do to recover the account but this was years ago (2 laptops ago) so I have no way of providing that information considering I have never logged into that account on this PC. I have donated on the account plus a few other accts. Would it be possible to recover if you saw that my name matches on the donations? I can provide previous passwords or anything else to prove I own it (other than not knowing the password). Please let me know if there is anything that can be done. The name is "Alpaca Bowl". Thank you
  3. http://imgur.com/YSa94Vd So I ran with legend CC for a few hours. I was invited to their Team Speak by their rat owner "I always run". After that, he told me to get in max gear cause they were all about to go out on a trip. Right then I knew something was up. So I left their CC and accused him of my suspensions and the image above is how he reacted. He owns that TS3 server and sent me my IP. Unfortunately, I did not get a screenie of him doing so but this is only a warning to good players of Roat Pkz that are interested in joining this cc. IF you do join, stay off the TS3 server. The loots they get are not acquired legitimately. That's all, have a good day all. PS.. Don't fuck with me "I always run"
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