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  1. 30 min or 1 hour double pkp voting prize!
  2. My idea is to make Abyssal tentacle more faster than regular whips or chaotics. What is the point to buy abby tent if you are donator. Abby tent is 90 str bonus or something, chaotic rapier is 102 and they both same speed. Chaotics = free (donors), Abby tent = 35-40k. Would be cool if abby tent was a bit faster than other whips or chaotics. Abby tent would become more popular among donators.
  3. Well, that is true but thanks.
  4. Yes, there is dds/whip option already. But if there were same weapon, people could stake with different weapons. People could gmaul, ags, claw, range box, or even rscim their banks away lol. In my opinion ddsing/whipping is pretty boring and old-fashioned but everyone has their own opinions.
  5. Oh, i understood Geordie wrong. Agreeing to use same weapon before fight, that would be horrible lol. It would never work. Oo nice idea, but maybe it would be a bit difficult then. idk.
  6. Right. It may be "unneccesary" to someone just like medusa said but it would reduce pid wins and makes staking funnier in my opinion.
  7. I think there should be "same weapon" option on staking. It would be more interesting to stake because i think ddsing/whipping is pretty boring. (It is just my opinion). For example you could range box using rune knives or something like that. The "same weapon" option would reduce pid wins too. The best thing is that i don't even find any cons about this suggestion.
  8. Wonderful idea man. I'd love to see this happen.
  9. Hello, i think ags should not be spawnable. Would be great if ags was in pkp shop too, just like claws are. It would make player killing a bit difficult, because most would use dds as a spec weapon. I am not sure what price would be good on pkp shop but in my opinion this change would be awesome.
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