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  1. Gretar and Jake Paul go way back. In fact, me and my uncle sanders were in the backyard once playing with our shaggy dog when gretar popped over the fence and we asked him what he was doing and he told us that he was vlogging every day bro and we talked about it for a while and it just seemed like such a hard thing to do so gretar decided to turn our shaggy dog into a cyborg named Jake Paul and Jake Paul who Gretar adopted now makes vlogs for him as a side income
  2. R u sure cuz I thought they start period at 11
  3. It's recently been brought to light that gretar is planning on communicating with Jake Paul for a server shoutout to expand our population here or roatpkz. I was wondering what the people's opinion on this is seeing as there will be lots of Jake paupers playing soon and they might take over the clamming portion of the game so maybe all of us veterans can unite against them thx - bankai
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