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  1. ? Alright let's just remove pking altogether lmao. That'll stop the farmers..
  2. More a convenience thing than anything but having the ability to automatically withdraw the highest tier emblem in your bank when loading a preset would be useful as.
  3. Gretar fixed it for me last time. Get him to post here.
  4. Getting this again @Gretar
  5. On my phone but will check in the morning, cheers
  6. Oh. Anywhere to see what I did to earn that? I've had this issue before but then a day later it started letting me log in so just assumed it was that
  7. Not been able to log in for 2 days. Tried Re-starting PC & Re-installing client but still RIP'd.
  8. I'm aware. He's a source of boosting my kdr but all he does is chat shit.
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