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  1. Hello last night at about 12:30 am there was a user named : deadly ags. He was yelling usernames and passwords i happen to actually get one of them named "s0ra" after i received the account i started playing on it because it was donor so after about 3 hours of playing there was a player "69ontop" claiming it was his account I then waited about a hour to make sure it was his account before i gave the account back the account had absolutely nothing on it and i was just killing barrows to gain pkp. I am making this because i do not want to get punished for having the account after it was given to me, I honestly thought the guy was quitting giving away his alternate accounts because he only yelled 2-3 accounts. I did apologize to the owner of the account for receiving an account that i thought was innocent . I am sincerely sorry for the owner of the account to have this happen
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