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  1. how long will the server be down for guys? and yeh ban insoy yell is just full of abuse off him
  2. https://gyazo.com/1ccf1bc4beb0bed22f7d21c2b77a3cc1
  3. maybe add in a random drop rate, instead of 100% guaranteed, even for emblems it would help, and the anti farming thing works fine, i wouldn't see the problem maybe 1-5ks 1 in 25 drop rate, 5-10ks 1 in 50, ect ect, so that farming would be detected. and the chances of it being used for farming would be allot less. mainly for pure's and edge pkers that're just starting to give them a boost so to say also, would bring more activity to main pking as it's quite slow and the chances of new players killing someone with half decent gear is highly unlikely..
  4. Figured it would be a good idea to maybe add in a random possibility of getting an item or emblem worth pkt that you can sell to a shop,, and after 5 ks the value goes up, or items instead of emblems, of course there wouldnt be a 100% success rate on getting a drop, but even a 1/5-1/10 kills would be nice for new players and for the vets it would be a nice little bonus for their killstreaks. Regards, Imajohndoe
  5. i realised the portals haven't been coded to value the new jewellery, and 25vp items allowing you into the 5k portal?
  6. suggesting 7.5-10-15k risk portals, and maybe making it so items that cost 25 vote points don't allow you into the 5k portal. thanks.
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