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  1. nah bro, im tired of playing this game aint fun anymore.
  2. hahaha sure, you were the person who started with the word ''orphan'' you tunnel rat
  3. ive just asked you 1 thing in my entire game life, to make me ss or saying ''im vouching'' and you never did that. why? because you couldnt had it that people were respecting me more then you everytime i was logging in. and kept saying goofy etc etc
  4. say hello to ur burried grandma, in her graveyard
  5. i dont care? ahh i see your random.
  6. Whatsup guys KING GYM HERE, So i was gone for a while for about 4-5months, and now i see that all new players aka, Hay never saw him before, Alkso what the fuck shit name is that. so after my 6 years of work that ive tried to get, people getting in 2 weeks i swear no joke, this game is bullcrap in their ass no joke. so basicly, this cancer jblind the rat fucked up for me that handicapted orphan whore. i swear jblind they fuck you daily with wooden sticks and the button of your mouse. smackd you adopted virgin rat from china, with hes rat eyes. he kept saying you will get you will get and letting jblind poop on hes own head. man you guys sucking each other on skype calls and jerking off with webcam. GRETAR, that TAR > stands for RAT BACKWARDS, you fucking tunnel rat, go search life between backstabbing people with ur customs and letting them do ::empty and then banning them from the server you orphan whore. you guys are all mother fucking gold animals. im happy that yoobs fucked your ass over for 2billion and terzey fucked you up with rwt. so happy that you daily getting fucked over by arabs. you are making such a nice SS members, bind u dead abusing the hell out of duel arena, Love wings muting me because i dropped him 2 times for max set back in da days. and you know what, where are all the veteran players eh? like lemme say ''i dont now'', Chalky, pleasedoit, cyifly, turm0il tits, - many more, : hemmi080 the co-owner, where are all these people. i swear if hemmi was here he would make me definitly SS or even mod, because he knows how good ive supported since the beginning. anyway, fuck each other over and over till you guys quit aswell
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