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Found 3 results

  1. I believe an HD Plug-in. Or Atleast a frame rate unlock would be a great addiction to this solid server and bring back some fresh players again.
  2. Making 1 of those OP rigour void ranger tings with heavy ballista. Finished build will be 97 combat. Gunna post my progress as I go along. Will be uploading a load of pictures tomorrow when I have access to my other laptop. Got tonnes of staking pics i'll post also Goals: 99 Range 74 Prayer 70 Defence 94 Magic Current stats: Account wealth: xfered a couple of things off my rune pure. Also bought 1 of those op dragon arrow shooters. ^losing 120m reeeaaaaal quick dcing during count down in a stake for 94m rofl cya ik the stake pics are only smalls, but ill add some bigger 1s l8r
  3. Do you even grind? That's right, I've spent over 1/3 of my days on this account since I made it 3 months ago. I miss you faggets, even the cunts like Sam that i'd love to come clear from edge to get the satisfaction of a kp, ez tings. I'll be back soon to make roat hell for some you nerds again. brb more 07 no life
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