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Found 9 results

  1. INSOMNIA NATION I am presenting this new and upcoming community pvm clan chat we strive to to build our community to take on pvm highscores weekly along side weekly youtube streams events and pking! with our main focus of PVM Friends of ROAT anyone is more then welcome to join. we are a growing clan chat accepting any die hard pvmers that are trying to chase the daily/weekly highscores and join our stream events, giveaways and masses weekly. Always accepting skilled pkers that enjoy pvm. We will be developing a pking division once were at that stage. Short sweet to the point i look forward to seeing you all in the clan or on our youtube channel @ Insomnia Nation
  2. Join Clan " Genesispro " Clan for pking,help,events,bosses and much more join up Discord https://discord.gg/RPY2SbsDk2
  3. I am kicked and banned from private cc is it possible tom riddle or jeroentje029 unban me from te clan private cc i am banned withouth reason my name is Arabier070
  4. The Kings are here to take over , think you got what it takes join and be crowned a king ? I don't just want to be just a single zone clan because i think multi PKing can be just as fun as single PKing. If you want to apply copy and paste along with answers. Try-Outs and Discord are Mandatory! My discord is more then for pking! join for pvm groups and other game chats. Discord link: https://discord.gg/uMs38BT How long have you been playing Runescape?: witch style of group pking do you prefer, Multi/Single/Both?: witch style of pking do you prefer, Tb/Focus/tank?: do you have access to Discord?: do you have experience in clanning?: What's your Roatzpkz username(s)?: who recommended you this clan?: (Clan Rules) 1.) when pking must follow orders from owner/co-owners, or the person selected to be in charge of Single/Multi pking. 2.) only Ranks of Lieutenants or higher may pvm jad, or if multi leader has chosen you to pvm jad. 3.) No recruiting to other clan chats. 4.) No Flaming other members inside of the clan chat. (Members List) (owner) -Bighamm2 (Co-Owner) -Free Fallin (Singles Leader) -Plz Forgive (Multi Leaders) -Proffeser19 -open (Members) -Dropzone -angeldust54
  5. * Pm Ss1 Sabrahim for an invitation. * In order to join Whalehunters you must meet the requirements. * Discord * Multi premade kits. Down below are pictures of how you should gear during trips. Magic setup Bolt/Zgs Setup
  6. I am currently recruiting members for the new clan called "The Aeonics". We are a Singles&Multi Clan. Requirements to join the clan: - Must have discord - Basic hybridding/tribridding knowledge - Clanwar experience - Must follow RoatPkz rules Theres a little fee you have to pay when you want to join the clan. To start with we are giving 20 players free entrance, otherwise it should be 1k to join the clan! ONCE YOU JOINED THE CLAN ITS DISSALLOWED TO, AND THIS ALSO GOES UNDER RULES! - Clan hopping - Bullshit - Be disrespectful to others - Leave the cc and enter the wilderness - can cause alot of misunderstanding - Don't argue with other clan members Ranks are based off of Loyalty, Participation, and skill. How Loyal are you to #aons? How often do you participate in events/are online? How good are your Nhing/Hybridding skills? Smiley - This rank is given to allies of #aons who are improving their loyalty overtime to work their way up. Banana - This rank is given to new members of the clan who need further testing/experience, but made the tryouts. Two Bananas - This rank is given to members that have been with us for some time and have proven their capabilities. Three Bananas - This rank is given to members that have shown they posses a decent skill set when it comes to Nhing/Hybridding, and bring a lot to the table for the clan. They must also show leadership skills because the next rank they are able to get is an officer position. Bronze Star - This is the first of the officer positions. This member has shown great dedication and loyalty to #aons. Members with this rank are very skilled Nhers/Hybrids and are trustworthy. Silver Star - This is the second of the officer ranks. This member has shown great leadership skills and dedication to #aons. This officer is responsible for the everyday flow of the clan. They will take any complaints and bring them to the necessary people. If someone of this rank gives an order for you to come join a war you will listen. If you disobey an order to come to a war, further clan disciplinary procedures shall occur. General - This rank is reserved for a selective few high ranking officers that are deemed to be Second In Command. N I C O L E - Owner of the clan. Application Format In-Game Username: What is your experience with clan PKing or deep wilderness activity in general?: What would be your primary position? Why do you want to join #aons? (Just out of curiosity) : How many hours a day do you put into this game: Describe your in-game tendencies, what are you normally doing?: Do you understand the rules of the CC and agree to obey them?: Do you have Discord? If yes whats your Discord name?: If you have any questions pm "N I C O L E" in game. https://discord.gg/YwVQqD
  7. Me and my brother IHEARTLESS are starting a new clan and are looking for members. PM either of us in game if interested in joining
  8. WELCOME TO SHIT PKERS RECRUITMENT POST To be in this team you strictly must be a terrible pker This clan is open to anyone. On a scale from 1-10 how shit at pking are you? Can you use Teamspeak? If you were at 44's and died to another team would you still come back and flame them for being nerds? Can you challenge the best Hybrids/Tribrids on the server to 1v1's, tab out and call them shit? Do you like pictures of dogs?
  9. MYST NATION BRIDS Not too sure if this should be a team or a clan yet, as i'm not sure there are any other active pure clans however im hoping that this thread inspires other people to start their own pure clans as well as boost multi pking on Roatpkz. If you believe you're a good pure Nh'er or pure Tank then apply. Requirement List: Strictly 1 Defence 44+ Prayer Must be able to beat me in a 1vs1 or give me a good fight Leaders Mnb Nhers/Flawlessss Nh Aox ADMINS 99b ----- MEMBERS Block Made Metapod Fancy Boots Nahhhhhhhhhh 1Llllll Nh Allday Borer 32014 Surf Girl602 Aelin Jerusalem APPLICATION FORMAT: Ingame Name: Age: Timezone: Picture of inventory for pk trip: Picture of inventory for a 1vs1: Do you have Teamspeak 3 (Are you able to download it)?: Do you have any previous clan experience as pure? (List Clans):
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