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  1. #Barkatnigz always up dude Solidtag members all got 500k hooks wtf are you on about
  2. Literally the best pker on roat I been saying this
  3. Hatcx

    Congrats on SS GIED

    Congrats my man most deserving SS @Gied4life
  4. Uganda is up 3 sets on clappers LOL
  5. wtf paul blart mall cop frontline savage goon???
  6. Everyone disagreeing is in those clans that run it through multi. You can literally run from single into multi and tank it down to varrock it's cancer
  7. The tabs keep it much more organised I like it
  8. wilderness Keys need another update. I thought the intention of these were to bring more action/loot to single but every time there is a key some Multi CC will run it straight down the Multi lines. I suggest you get rid of The Multi Keys like Lava Dragons and Rouges castle as there is already enough multi events like Jad/HP events. The only Spots you should keep are The Axe Hut and Pirate Hut ones I also have some new location suggestions. Chin Hill 35 Port Burning Hill (or just keep the Lava Maze one idk) Ice Path (Demonic Gorillas) But what if they keep running it from single to multi like they are now? I suggest you implement some sort of multi countermeasure, Say if they run into Multi with the Key they start taking on damage (like the fog from DMM) and they get a message "The Key must be taken through a single zone". Or you could set it so if they run into Multi it sets you back to the closest single combat tile. (idk how hard this would be but it sounds difficult) I would love to hear other peoples suggestions about this @Gretar
  9. Go show some love to Mikko he asked me to post this for him
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