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  1. Hatcx


    Fuck Russ
  2. Fucking amazing performance by staff ngl with the player Base growing you guys are handling it well.
  3. People already complained about this when they added it, Hybrid kills should be at edgepvp only. And add a separate thing for Tribrid kills from lvl 10 down and risk zone. The scoreboard needs to be redone asap
  4. Hatcx


    Will peep that Ferg Best song on so much fun is "Bad Bad Bad, maybe Surf ft. Gunna He's released so much good shit since then dude I'd you like Future Super Slimey is great album or Beautiful Thugger Girls if you wanna hear country trap Lmao
  5. Hatcx


    New Young Thug album just came out recently on his birthday and it bangs highly recommend. Also where did the music section on forums go people actually used that lol @Gretar
  6. very cool pking and edits
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