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  1. Very impressive but maybe some Video Competitions too ? its good promotion for the server + gets it active
  2. LIKE THE VIDEO THATS ALL YOU HAVE TO DO It's been fun roatpkz this will be the last vid
  3. Computers running out of cpu to use LOOL when I pk its now 500 ping + 15 fps
  4. Thanks swede ofc mate yeah biggest topic to date ofc my g yessir I be slaying the game my bro on the chest u right, will prob return when I get a better PC my Aussie bro my g appreciate it #Flawless, thnx mate Respectable guy, do it you won't regret it lmao My bro from day 1 appreciate you Also I have added a few kills I got last night fuckin around
  5. exactly what the title says WE WANT DILDOS BACK This is the only evidence I can find atm but please add them back I wanna slap people with dildos
  6. In my time on roatpkz I have come to make many friends and honed my skills to become a demon of a pker compared to the no f keys noob that I used to be. With that being said it's been fun roatpkz I have pretty much been retired for a while now I just play for fun or doing a little team pking but I guess you could call this my Official Retirement from Rotez pjs. I know a lot of people think I have a big mouth but its all in good fun I really don't have hate for anyone on here the game wouldn't be what it is without all the Flame/Beef + most of the time I am just trying to push buttons for a reaction from you Regardless if you hate me or not I don't hate anyone from roat but I also don't have the energy for it anymore, consider any beef squashed if you have problems that on you Special shoutout to my brothers from #Neeks #NBK #Tribesmen #Flawless Love yall Now for my brothers let me know if I have forgotten anyone I will try my best to Tag everyone. @Stewy @King Arturia @PROFFESER19 @Smoothie @Littlewillis @Matt @Tupac @Forecaster @WAHEY @Killbob @Terzey @iles @God Dildo @nh tank @Tui @JBLIND @Smackd @Ban152 @Bailey Jay @CRIPPLEDNAN4 @j i z z i e @Po @A Tribute To Caboose @A Tribute To Mourinho @genj @Daul Penino @Obby Pls @Orbital Vsat @OrbitalV2 @Xex @Fruitiest @Bart @pkmafia8 @repent @I Dont Now @Aqeelxo @PK Guy @Gied4life @Sandal @Domo23 @911 airplane @Same Sea @Fantastic @zoldopee @Shado @IDLEGLANCE @instajoshi69 @Ya Mama @Mike @GORILLAS @Deviousness @Bind U Dead @Jamie @drawers @HICK0RY @Speedsmasher @erlars @insoyisgay @Suor @Nyzic @Kosey @Mikep @mikevanoers @Arcadium @Andrew @HASHAM V2 @Tengaboi @gl bro wins king @biggy a 2 @PuLL ThE PiN @Broccoli rob @Ditsy @am s1k ked @Jag E Svensk @JANKIN @wsqa1234 @Chop Salad @ml gudi @Zoradz @MR W00t 1000 @Estimated @TANK @Adam @Smoothie @Yoeriwada @Fantastic @Ban152 Well its been fun Enjoy the Killpics as this will be the last post since my account is shadow banned and I get dogshit rng and I refund most of the sets I pk LMAO as soon as rage started playing I knew he was ded This guy still cant brid King Raja sorry bro I was gonna refund you but you logged out ? Iyas smoked Gregstar Guy was flaming and died in 1 fight Setrum put in a spliff Monkey down 80 DDS LOL Mortem guy put in a spliff Ping made my gmaul just not work so went for zouble sorry Jordan x set was basically refunded anyway Ouch absolutely calculated this guy Refunded bc Khaya the bro Setrum put in a spliff again was rushinhg and this guy kept hitting me "Gear up" LOOOL Huge Voltitile into VLS (Combo I invented btw) GF rotez, sucks that I had to make so many killpic topics I would have loved to have been putting out banger videos but sadly my laptop is garbage
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