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  1. Hatcx


    The first guy at the door who got killed said "welcome brother" It's disgusting what happened, that such a safehaven for a small Muslim community can become a target for a mentally deranged man to do something like this. Kia Kaha praying for Christchurch
  2. +1 for this, it's even worse on high ping and makes dhing pretty much unviable
  3. Hatcx

    Ks amk

    Happy 9th birthday!!
  4. How's the ban going Yeah my first ever loot over 1k!! You've made entire new accounts pretending it's not you on them because people called you bad I could care less what some morons from an rsps say lol dw
  5. He made all this money just from harvesting potatoes, crazy really. Where's my hook
  6. pking solo at chins and get tbed dude hit like a 50 ags on 120hp only because of my ping delay LMAO I fought back for 2 seconds
  7. nice phone pics smoothie brother
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