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  1. Hatcx


    People don't give Sosa enough credit tbh
  2. Hatcx


  3. Hatcx

    The triple in one picture!

    The three retardos
  4. Hatcx

    Rip snupe

  5. Hatcx

    Mini Edit ( Osrs Hybrid ) A Zerker

    dust effect corny but nice edit
  6. Hatcx

    Only for thugs

    already used song in a video u fake fan smh
  7. Hatcx

    clip dump

    better than smackd
  8. Hatcx

    Pure Nh

    dildo is best
  9. Hatcx


    curryboy keeps losing to rl and meridian in brid tournies I don't see a problem here
  10. Hatcx

    'Huge' dead for 100m 07 coins

    why is he in multi lol
  11. Hatcx

    NH TANK kills

    nh tank is the best you can't beat him
  12. Hatcx

    Hybrid kills

    said this a day after release that the whole list was filled with #pgang randoms LMAO
  13. Hatcx

    Roat Pkz Video Competition Winners!

    yeah 27-16 dds is a massive dds hit for some cool mystic loots on OP SHACKO
  14. Hatcx

    Roat Pkz Video Competition Winners!

    Banned and still getting bread Beat Gayblind
  15. Hatcx

    Pk on vid

    very epic style