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  1. I'll smoke u and George Burton np
  2. Add Spec Tele timer For some reason you can still use pvp armours and ely/divine here (why lol) make it so you aren't able to use it all its too OP (if you wanna brid in your dumbass alien gear go to ::pvp) Remove the ability to use teleblock at brid zone (if you wanna be a retard and tb people go to the wild) Remove ability to use overheads (pure nhers can just stick to hills and pvp) Add a Hybrid Elo system with rewards at the end of the month (osrs gp) would entice more brids to actually play Roat. (elo fights shouldn't be activated if people don't have the same amount of brews) The game barely takes your opponents defence bonuses into account, it seems more random than it does balanced e.g (someone with decent Street bonus and a tentacle whip can hit constant 40s on your tank) barrows tank is pretty much useless against max strength gear you can cut through them like butter and if someone has the alien rs3 gear (pvp armours) it's even worse. Also a little side note NERF BALLISTA ACCURACY IT'S NOT THIS ACCURATE ON 07 OR ANY OTHER GAME Feel free to add on suggestions below or leave feedback
  3. That's why you don't let @Tupac on the focus
  4. Computers fucked so I can't put any videos together but I have a heap of clips saved up Need multiple videos edited Msg me on discord for any further details Zeke#4439
  5. Smackd built like the enderman in minecraft LMFAO
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