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  1. Username: Gl bro wins Timezone: pakistan K/D Ratio: (Screenshot) 420 Play time: 420 Language(s): arabic Discord: Yes Microphone: No
  2. In-Game Name: Xdave Discord Name: Xdave#6969 Timezone: ur mum fat pussy Singles/Multi/Both: I am the best Main style(s) (Main/Hybrid/Tribrid): 4 way ely kodai focus Have you read and understood all of our rules? no
  3. Neekstage 2 GOAT https://streamable.com/02qz5i (Watch here due to copyright on YT) Like the video here
  4. Alex Deserves a Win after the neekstage robbing Also idk about hefners placement but gz regardless
  5. Hatcx

    Forum staff?

    Been saying make me a forum mod for time now
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