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  1. you would have had me a few times if I didn't eat tbh
  2. Yeah gretar just rang me fellas, you're demoted and ip banned
  3. Literally have eaten out of a 32 barrage 82 ags 33 gmaul, Roat doesn't have any Pid advantage so it makes it much easier than doing this on other servers/07
  4. Not a glitch just my ping, literally watched my cursor triple eat then nothing happen and me die
  5. yeah I always check forums with my phone and this shits been out of hand
  6. yeah I died recently because it literally wouldn't let me eat
  7. stfu not hard to out eat specs you're just shit
  8. Not gonna waste any time here, enjoy the kills didn't get a lootpic but was roughly 17k wouldn't be kp topic without willis Now time for deepwild kills Sly dead for 133 KS
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