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  1. Hey friends. @Sage fest So i'm a fairly political person, and was curious to hear out some of the differing opinions of the Roatpkz community I was wondering what your guys feelings were in the ongoing debate of the strengths and weaknesses of socialist/capitalistic systems, and which system is more applicable/practical for a developed country. While I understand that it's easy to brush these topics off at a young age, the fact of the matter is that this is OUR future, and it's important that we learn sooner than later what kind of an impact politics will play in our lives. A short response is still a valuable one, even if politics isn't your thing. The debate section is a place to learn I, personally, am a strong advocate for the capitalist system. I will provide my reasons, but would like to hear other peoples views first (hopefully from both sides). I also acknowledge that this topic may not garner any traction, as this topic doesn't have anything to do with Erca, or Kihfans sweet 74 way 1 tick. @PK Guy @Team Selena Gomez @Zoradz
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