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  1. @Fruitiest tagged persona before me even tho he snaked the gang once again idiot
  2. I too was staff on scape
  3. Can be used for dps when on a focus with a clan in deep wild you’ve never pked though
  4. While I don’t respect multi kills for obvious reasons I’m happy to see @Fruitiest putting out pk videos and I don’t doubt that he picked the music
  5. Blackmailing would be like, if he caught you attempting to rwt and forcing you to watch him have sex with your sister (not saying he doesn’t already sleep with her) to avoid him reporting you to the higher ups. Him saying you can’t flame or it’s a mute isn’t blackmail wtf if you flame staff members it’s obviously a mute That’s like if a cop said “don’t break the law or I’ll have to arrest you” and saying it’s blackmail
  6. Merry Christmas my niggas
  7. Tupac

    One forums suggestion

    People will just comment meaningless shit on every post (like me) and it’ll flood the forum
  8. I really like how you use tent with the wyvern shield! also second song was terrible
  9. I was expecting a school shooting
  10. Tupac

    i need some help

    I’ll spam ur chest with bullets u melt
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