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  1. I'm a better American than you ngl
  2. For 6 months tournaments have been fit to accodomate the Palestinians. Considering no one gives a flying fuck about Palestine and Americans make up over 50% of the donations made towards the server (as confirmed by gretar), i have no idea why this issue hasn't been addressed yet. Currently, the mon-fri tournaments are hosted at a time when most North Americans are either at work/school, or on their commute home. Seeing that @Gretar wouldn't be able to fill up his oxygen tank half as much without us, I and many others think that the tournaments should be rotated weekly, to ensure that the tournament playtime is distributed equally.
  3. @Gretar @Fantastic @Smackd @JBLIND Quite possibly the most incompetent staff team of all time. How many months (or years) will it take you brain dead knuckle draggers to rotate the tournament times weekly to actually fit the playerbase? The fact this hasn't been fixed really just shows how roatpkz is always slow as fuck at getting things done
  4. @Hatcx @seers10 @sophia @Tesfxye @JBLIND @Persona Your newest tber @I HATE IT made a bank video
  5. Tupac


    14 @Gied4life
  6. "Who's randy? Your dads name prob" omar with the clap backs looool
  7. Tupac

    Feedback on 1 slap

  8. Tupac

    demon back on roatpkz (video)

    @pkmafia8 any team you join dominates wow
  9. Tupac

    Boss KC Hiscores

    He already has smackd filling that position
  10. Tupac

    Tournament Wins & Risk Fighting

    @Smackd Muslim jokes aren't to be tolerated. Content moderate now
  11. Tupac

    Boss KC Hiscores

    Told these staff to add that shit over a year ago don't worry @Fruitiest it'll be added eventually they're just always slow to the ball.
  12. Tupac

    Feedback on staff

    theres like a 15% chance I'm gonna kill you irl for these posts