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  1. Tupac

    i need some help

    I’ll spam ur chest with bullets u melt
  2. You are literally the biggest dick rider on this rsps it’s actually disgusting ur in no position to call anyone that name always the only person liking your boyfriends videos
  3. This is something a clueless multi bot would say. There isn’t a multi pker on this game that is a good nher. Shut up orphan
  4. Why would you post a multi kill topic enjoy your 5k splits between the 20 Lithuanian refugees
  5. Don’t convert him back I literally trained him for 3 years please fuck
  6. Tupac


    Wag1 fam welcome
  7. Nice video seeing that you’re from Brazil can you get me @lazy rachel‘s phone number? Thanks
  8. Great song greater video
  9. Not sure why you had some pic of hatcx’s cousin covering your name the entire video, looked gross hope to see better content in the future
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