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  1. Best pker ive ever seen
  2. You could send him a discord message perhaps!
  3. That’s what happens when you recruit 200 people into 1 cc l2 compete
  4. This was actually a great video
  5. @Gretar if only we had someone to manage ranks like this u scallywag
  6. Sipping some cha while watching gsltn on the warpath
  7. It’s pretty easy to tank a full with 12 brews, especially if you have multi bots banging off the focusers 24/7. So tanking a 6 minute tb with 17 brews is an absolute joke lol
  8. Great suggestion i support wiping 3rd age for this. If 3rd age pieces were actual rare drops from clues then they could be worth a lot
  9. Personacord on my chest
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