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  1. Tupac

    Free graphics

    Thought @Graphics was banned lmao
  2. I double checked the OSRS max hit calculator and the max is 48-48.
  3. @JBLIND will buy them off of you Pm him ingame
  4. I understand roatpkz has always and will always tolerate wannabe KKK members on the game but I really wish they didn’t. You can’t tb someone at the risk zone but can yell about hanging black people all day long without getting muted. I’m sure there are some staff that censor that kind of behaviour but most either miss it, or don’t care. I see it all the time shouldn’t be tolerated imo
  5. I didn’t know that they DIDN’T drop the robes, that’s stupid lmao. definitely +1 this
  6. Tweak party is fucking shite
  7. V2 hasn’t been a clan in 3 months @MOFROM300 you should change your topic name clout chasing Retard
  8. If only we had a forum moderator to give out these sort of ranks. this is a great song until the king of misogyny future hops on it, fucking shit verse ruins the song
  9. @Fruitiest solid update ideas jerome That coughfish guy has downs
  10. @Coughfish being friends with all of them I can assure you that you are wrong and also an idiot. Feel free to delete this post you orphan lmao
  11. wag1 lads. @Tesfxye its been a while
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