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  1. Didn’t read dumb racist cross eyed hick
  2. Every topic you make you complain about the game. If you don’t enjoy it maybe you should leave. there is nothing wrong with the dark bow
  3. To suggest gretar doesn’t care about his players or the game, or to call him “lazy” is so off base lmao. Gretar is by far the best RSPS owner in recent times, he pumps out great updates all the time and has filled the game with quality content. This is the kind of thing that can be placed in suggestions, as it is a minor tweak to the game. Also, stating that an unbalance in PKP earned in mining is killing the playerbase is wrong, lol. While this may bother you personally (and I’m sure some other people), roatPKZ is a PvP focused game at the end of the day. Skilling was an afterthought and while there could be minor tweaks as you’ve stated, it’s still pretty great considering for years the thought of even having skilling was nonexistent. Next time make a clear headed suggestion instead of ripping on the only person making this all possible.
  4. Merry Christmas to the mandem and happy holidays to my Muslim guys. I hope you get to spend time with the people that matter the most to you this season. Make the most of every day. Bless @seers10 @Smackd @5Star_General @JBLIND @Tesfxye @2 wapens @sophia @Adam @Khalil @iles
  5. Happy birthday bro. never post shit music like that again
  6. Nice guide man. I’m sure this will help some people.
  7. If someone has the key and has risk defence on, you CAN still attack them. The only instance I can see risk defence being a burden for key hunters is when the person attacking the key holder has risk defence, and you lack the risk to hit them off. That is your fault for showing up to a profitable and competitive event with a 0pkp setup. I understand that large CC’s having dominance over the key can be frustrating for single pkers, but that’s just how the game is. With the recent addition of a brew cap, I don’t see anything wrong with the wilderness keys.
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