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  1. Tupac

    i drew happy elf teemo

    word why do you have @Blood Hound down there
  2. Tupac

    Gym life is Same seas brother

    you look like an ice Poseidon that smokes dick
  3. pot nooodle pyd King Eggs in no particular order
  4. At least my country has schools idiot
  5. Is there a short version I don't have an hour
  6. Tupac

    List of xex’s posts that are actually funny

    You pussies clearly never experienced the mid-2017 xex videos haters lmao
  7. Tupac

    Pk Vid 1

    Good 1
  8. Tupac


    @JBLIND @sophia lmfaoooooo
  9. Tupac


    Didn't feature my kill on u i see
  10. Tupac

    New Wilderness Key Event Feedback!

    Update was great I won the 3rd key (I let the boys munch on the first 2 was np). i think making the key holder multi everywhere is a terrible idea the key event would take like an hour assuming clans were fairly balanced. having regular wilderness zones apply leaves room for clans and lone members to actually strategize a win. I also think it's a good idea to reduce the key holders run energy when they pick up the key. im not sure how it works currently but I think it'd be a good idea to make it where the key locations rotate. multi/singles/multi/singles to give the Israelis and the actual competent humans equal opportunity to have fun
  11. Tupac

    ultimate expose

  12. Chef

    Tupac is clearly alive

  13. Tupac

    22 down 1 to go

    Get a life geek
  14. Tupac

    Gym Life diss track

    How much of a fucking loser do you have to be to actually make this song holy shit I'm genuinely dumbfounded lmfao