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  1. Gretar gives people from that region an excess of rng at the duel arena so they stick around!
  2. @On A Tree unfortunately if you did not have a security pin on your account the items will not be refunded tough lesson to learn but now you know! /closed
  3. Couldn’t have said it better myself he’s the man
  4. Then how will multi CC’s mass recruit half the rsps and ruin the game for everyone?
  5. Any cc vs Spartans would’ve been a synonymous title
  6. The only people disagreeing with this are Mongolian members this suggestion is sound. also to say most keys aren’t run through multi would be a lie lmao every time I’m online I go to the keys and they run them straight to multi lines knowing that a team of 1-3 riskers isn’t going to follow 10 people in enchanted robes and splitbark
  7. This song makes me feel like I’m watching the closing credits to a movie about Kenya
  8. I knew you’d appreciate this LOL
  9. Tesfxye is a better pker than you
  10. You have so much potential as a video maker lol
  11. Ibbe shouldnt have won stupid prod
  12. Tupac

    R.I.P Nipsey Hussle

    I just might have to brother
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