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  1. Tupac

    Welcome Team Nexus

  2. Tupac


    @Hatcx if memory serves smackd was red faced and not laughing "when l0x said it in 2016"
  3. Tupac

    ok so it means war

    Explains a lot idiot
  4. Your videos are fucking shit you should donate the money to tesfxye
  5. Tupac

    Unkillable man planks

    No1 asked wheely boy
  6. Tupac


    Tag me in some cosplay shit again and I wipe u off the face of this planet u mother fucker
  7. Tupac

    an Anime suggestion

    If u disagree with this ur a virgin lmfao
  8. Tupac

    Happy Valentines Day! Enjoy <3

    Vote for me and you'll see this happen
  9. Tupac

    Happy Valentines Day! Enjoy <3

    I opened this in class you fucking prick LOL
  10. Tupac

    Havent played in a few years.

    I took your items thanks #gsltn
  11. Tupac

    Actual art rendition of killbob

    Stop posting anime is cringe as fuck
  12. Tupac

    team nexus lol

  13. Tupac

    It's ya b0y

    Terrible music
  14. Tupac

    Refunt pk video 4 ,

    @Tesfxye is better