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  1. Essentially, I want to propose an idea which would make opening keys a lot more enticing. Rare Drop Table. The Rare Drop table would be different for every Key, and would be incredibly rare. (Only applies to Bronze to Platinum) For instance, Bronze Keys could have a rare drop table at around 1-2.5k PKP so, a staff of light, or an Abyssal Tentacle Whip Silver Keys Would have a tiny bit of a lower chance of hitting the rare drop table, but have a wider range of drops. So, 1-5k. So, items can range from Bandos pieces, to staves or even an AGS. Gold Keys would have a tiny bit of a lower chance of hitting the rare drop table, but give a rare drop of 5K. Platinum keys are fairly expensive as is, some selling for a little under 4k. Since there is such a low chance of hitting the rare drop table, I feel giving it a 5-25K RARE drop reward is appropriate. Items Ranging from an AGS to Claws. *The Rare Drop Table rewards will not double at a DMM Chest, instead, the rates will increase by two fold* Keep in mind that these rewards are incredibly rare since so many keys are being opened each day, we should only see a maximum of 1-5 drops in a day. Example %: Bronze Keys: 0.1% Silver Keys: 0.09% Gold Keys 0.05% Platinum Keys 0.1% Remember, these rates are doubled at Huge DMM Chests so, hitting the rare drop table is tangible, but very unlikely. Even then, you're not guaranteed to get a good roll on the Rare Drop Table. Feel free to leave me feedback, I really think this idea fits very well within Roatpkz, @Gretar. If you do agree with this post, share it among the community both in-game and on the forums in order to garner support. Also, if a staff member sees this, and would like it implemented please do not hesitate to forward this to @Gretar via Discord, or via the forums. Thank you very much for hearing me out, and have a wonderful day - Alkosor
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