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  1. That's awesome, but do you think Gretar Could make a Bank Cleaning option? Something similar to the Wise Old Man's Useless Quest item Bank-cleaning feature on OSRS.
  2. Nothing jucier than that Allahu akbar in the thumbnai, and that Bandicam watermark at the top gl bro!!!!!
  3. Does it seriously have to be 3 minutes? Because I can make a fire ass advertisement, stretching it out would be shit tho.
  4. It should've been untradeable, not sure why it isn't lmfao
  5. Alkosor


    This is probably one of the earliest Private Server's I've ever played, I've had so many amazing memories Like, the first time I got claws, or Smited an AGS, or achieved a Pker's Cape. Damn, those were the days, but unfortunately, I've come the the point in life where I'm faced with responsibilities. I have Almost 40 days of play time, think of all the productive things you could do in 40 days . Regardless of what I could of done, I'm happy that I chose to play Roatpkz, it's taught me so many things, for instance, It's taught me basic Economics, Vocabulary, Grammar, English, and even social skills. I've even learned things that can't be put to practical use, like how cruelty works, or how loyalty would work in a hierarchy. I can comfortably say that I would not be the same person I am today if I didn't play Roatpkz. I left for months back when I was Server Support, I shouldn't have done that, I should've at least given everybody more context regarding my situation. I will never visit Roatpkz ever again, I love you guys, I'm sorry I let you all down, consider this my last breath. 7:38 AM, & @Diiaurei You're a great person, with good intentions, Get SS rank ASAP 5 Years of Happiness, Sadness, and Frustration.
  6. Player Versus Roat/ PVR "Help' CC, it's been dead for awhile, and rarely sees use. It has a lot of potential, but unfortunately, it isn't a top priority for the Staff Team. This is reasonable, as the Staff Team can be very busy, and overwhelmed with the workload of the server, or for other personal matters. My good friend Diiaurei, and I have set out to tackle on the Help cc, and try to influence the influx of new players joining Roatpkz positively. The chat we have set up is monitored, and we are looking for trusted individuals to help monitor the CC in order to maintain peace and order between the players inside of our help chat. In order to attract more players to our Help Group, we want to incorporate daily Giveaways through Discord, much like the ones currently hosted in the Roatpkz Discord. Furthermore, this post will serve as an introduction of our Help Chat, a Recruiting Board, and a guide to help assist new players navigating Discord. Click Here or the Discord Logo to Join PVR There will be a Daily Giveaway hosted, if you'd like to give something away, Private Message me or @Diiaureiin-game, not on the forums. Discord Rules are the Same as Forum Rules ~ Anybody can join PVR however, if you'd like to help us moderate the chat, apply here. IGN: Age: In-Game Playtime: Why Should We Trust You: Additional Information: Note: You will be given a trial period if accepted,
  7. nice rank bro. cu

  8. Alkosor

    Selling Zone

    ::zamp2 Is best zone on Roatpkz
  9. Personally, I applied strictly for the cute icons that come w/ it, the powers are just a bonus.
  10. I've been hearing about Client Freezes, but it's never happened to me. Whenever I have 2-3 Clients on at the same time, it tends to lag whenever I teleport/Moved to a location. I also recall a few Private Servers which would freeze when you Press an arrow Key as soon as you teleport in to a zone. Keep in mind that not everyone experiences Client Freezes so, in order to prevent this from happening to others in the future, could you please give us more details regarding your Client-Crash?
  11. Your mom knows you play Roatpkz? Bad Parenting imo.
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