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Roat Pkz Username

Found 5 results

  1. Server time :- 44 Days 4 Hours 2 minutes KDR :- 14258 kills 4462 deaths 3.195 KDR 106 HS Tourney players :- 121 players ^-^
  2. Basically since day 1 i have been stressing how kdr doesn't represent skill. However i've been preaching this on an acc with 0.6ish kdr which is this account "lightwork" in which i have been calibrating people and faffin about. So in order to prove what i claim i decided to make a random acc a couple of hours ago and reach a certain kdr. Its very easy to safe with good gear and get high kdr and fight alot of welfare brids, although i didn't safe much and was only using dds and torags. However these "good brids" eat at 90 and most just wait for ags stacks. (i was eating at 90 aswell when fighting them max ags stackers tho not gunna lie) All kills at ::brid. All 50 kills enjoy https://www.mediafire.com/?89v8fm9c7ap579u
  3. 44.0 KDR atm. 44 kills - 1 death. All my screenshots for some random kid who thought I boosted my kdr LMFAO. http://imgur.com/a/bdfr6
  4. 1. Hotkey / key binds (the ability to put tab switches on a key binding of choice 2. Bank tabs (please i <3 organization) 3. Kill death ratio reset, giving players the option to reset their kills/ deaths and hopefully one day assists. back to zero, rather the player create a new character. Just a few ideas that have come to my mind as playing in the last few days. I love this server, and hope to continue contributing to the community of a server, i cherish greatly! Thanks, Hapz.
  5. Hapz


    An essential part of an PvP Kill Death Ratio! Please and thank you, i love being the guy in the back , support, low key. I don't as many kills, but i still deserve to be accounted for something! Thanks, Hapz.
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